Infinity IRS Epsilon loudspeaker System

Sidebar 2: System

I listened to the Epsilons with the Krell KPS-20i CD transport feeding a Mark Levinson No.35 D/A converter through Kimber AGDL digital coaxial cable. TARA Labs Master RSC (unbalanced) connected the Levinson converter to a Rowland Consummate preamp. Amplifiers were a Krell KSA-300S stereo amplifier for the midrange and top end, and a pair of Classé M-700 monoblocks for the bass. I briefly used an NAD 208 and Krell KSA-300S for the bass, and a pair of Pass Laboratories Aleph 0 monoblocks for the mids and highs—when I was able to pry them away from Dick Olsher, whose review of these amplifiers will appear in an upcoming issue.

Interconnects and speaker cables included balanced Monster M-1500 from preamp to SCU, balanced Cardas Hexlink from SCU to top-end amp, balanced Aural Symphonics from SCU to bass amps, and Monster M1.5 from amps to loudspeakers. The M1.5 alternated on the top end with a pair of Monster Sigma loudspeaker cables.—Thomas J. Norton

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