Infinity IRS Beta loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: Larry Archibald's review indicates that, when equipped with the right components and properly set up, the Betas are the best speakers he has heard in his home. This points to the potential of the system's musical and analytical ability.

There are a few areas that we would like to clarify:

The individual drivers have a mass approximately 1/20 that of conventional dynamic drivers, and are driven over the entire radiating area. In their operating band, they are extremely detailed and well-controlled. The overall sonic transparency and neutrality of the Beta system demonstrates the accuracy of its time-domain performance.

Most of us in the audiophile community agree that there are differences in the sonics of amplifiers, wire, cartridges, etc., and any great analytical tool such as the Beta will clearly reveal these differences. Even the changes that occur as the equipment warms up will become evident with the Beta system.

What particularly concerns us about this, and prior reviews in Stereophile, is the continual rehashing of a few early quality issues which were addressed and corrected more than a year ago.

Yes, there is a long way to go before we, as an industry, are able to bring absolute musical realism into the home. We also agree that the Beta brings you close enough to invite this comparison.—Cary Christie, President, Infinity Systems, Inc.

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