B&W Matrix 805 loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-way, stand-mounted reflex dynamic loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1" (26mm) metal-dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeter, 165mm (6.5") Kevlar-cone woofer with 3" voice-coil. Crossover frequency: 2.7kHz. Frequency response: 35Hz-22kHz ±6dB. Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m (2.83V). Nominal impedance: 4 ohms. Amplifier requirements: 50W minimum, 120W maximum.
Dimensions: 12.75" (323mm) H by 13.6" (347mm) W by 8.9" (236mm) D. Weight: 18.7 lbs (8.5kg) each.
Finishes: natural oak, rosewood, walnut, or black ash.
Serial numbers of units auditioned: 002421/002422.
Price: $1600/pair (1993); no longer available (2003). 800 Series Variable High Pass Alignment Filter equalizer, which increases low-frequency output to 42Hz (-3dB) cost $250 in 1993. Approximate number of dealers: 200.
Manufacturer: B&W Loudspeakers, Meadow Road, Worthing BN11 2RX, England. Tel: (44) (0)1903-524801. Fax: (44) (0)1903-524725. US distributor: Equity International, 54 Concord Street, North Reading, MA 01864-2699. Tel: (978) 664-2870. Fax: (978) 664-4109. Web: www.bwspeakers.com.

54 Concord Street
North Reading, MA 01864-2699
(978) 664-2870