Bryston Target HR50 Loudspeaker Stands Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Bryston Target HR50 Loudspeaker Stands ($339/pr Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Target's HR50 20" tall stands are constructed entirely of steel and are ideal for even heavy bookshelf loudspeakers. Two rectangular risers bolt to thick top and bottom plates. The risers are fillable with aquarium rock or other media for even greater mass. Floor spikes, speaker pads and isolation spikes are included. The stands are made in Canada and distributed by Bryston Ltd.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Anton's picture

I'm in!

Smokejoec's picture

These would make a great Christmas present for my DAD! Hi, I'm in Canada and very close, please Santa, I've been a very good boy.

mdean109's picture

Yes, please!

otaku's picture

Then I'll need to buy a set of stand-mounted speakers!

popluhv's picture

perfect for my monitors!

foxhall's picture

These look great.

SpinMark3313's picture

can I ask on this site AND on AP?

mikerr's picture


noirx7's picture

Yes, These would be great

audiom's picture

I'll take a pair, thank you!

oregontreat's picture

Great to see the classic Target stands again.

kchamblin's picture

Just what I need!

gnatster's picture

Have a set of ProAc Tablettes that would suit these stands just fine.

Scliff's picture

Yes, please!

Brown Sound's picture

I could use some new stands, thanks!

audiowizard's picture

These look awesome!

BradleyP's picture

I've entered every one of these contests for years, and bupkis. Let this one be a victory!

jimtavegia's picture

Would make a very nice Christmas gift.

JosefBjerlin's picture

So I'm in

js4330's picture


dhassler00's picture

These look great!

Keyur's picture

Lovely and Solid !!

jdeshell's picture

Add me.

jrhud's picture

Count me in.

MrGneiss's picture

Me win now?? :-D

RBrooks's picture

Please add my name / thanks

mgoliber's picture

In, thanks!

BigA's picture

The Bryston stands would look great in my living room. They will sound great when I buy some new speakers to put on the stands.

SixSigmaGuy's picture

Santa I want Bryston Target HR50 Loudspeaker Stands for Christmas...Please

Brankin's picture

I'm in...

Anon2's picture

Good stands are a great upgrade. You can never have enough of these products, as they seem to be getting harder to find. Sanus once had a couple of hi-fi type series that have disappeared. I have gone "sandless," though, due to living constraints. I also worry about the warning labels of the sand that is on sale at major retailers. May the best person win.

JohnBal's picture

They look like great stands!

seikosha's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

james's picture

excellent...I could use these. thansk

Lamasioux's picture

Please oh please, i have been a good boy this year...

eburbeck's picture

Would be a great little "extra" Christmas present!

omgmattdennis's picture

I would love to win a set of these!

scardeal's picture

Stand in the place where you live.

Just stand.

shosty5's picture

To all!!

John Hall's picture

Just bought a home and i could really use these in my cave. I finally have space for a small litsening room and these would be perfect!

alexk's picture

And thank you.

maclark7029's picture


HBS9's picture

Merry Christmas to me?

James.Seeds's picture

Will go great with the Mini T's

Chet Roe's picture

Oh Yes perfect for my LS50......Merry Xmas!!!

Dsamk1's picture

They would great holding up my Atoms!

Gimpinchair's picture

Can I re-gift to a friend!?

Dman23's picture

Thank you for the great speaker stands.

LarryRS's picture

Should get along very well with my new Totem Acoustics Sky speakers.

leec's picture

I'll take them.

Mdmoy's picture

Nice to see Bryston branch out into new markets for high-quality products.

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

Marky-Mark's picture

Yeah baby

rcjordin's picture

Come on Santa! Be good this year!

CThru's picture

And thank you.

mrhyfy's picture

I'll grab them right at Bryston! No shipping required!

Wolfsongaudio's picture

Will be a great fit for a pair of Mini A speakers by Bryston.

Stirrio's picture

I've consulted a number of specialists. The first strapped my speakers into the sort of traction machine used on James Bond in Thunderball. The machine was nicely restored, and all the relevant parts had been rechromed by the same firm that does the brightwork for Rolls Royce and Edwin Jagger. The leather parts were original and well cared for from the start--not a hint of cracking anywhere, just a deep brown-black patina. The machine impressed the heck out of me. So did the doctor. The machine had been his father's, and he'd been trained by the old man. Followed the old man's maintenance routine for the machine, too. But the treatment didn't do a thing for my speakers. Inexplicably, they ended the session with uncomfortably bright treble.

I won't go too far into the rest. I'm sure you can guess most of it--HGH supplements that were meant as suppositories and which I had to insert three times a day into the bass reflex ports (the speakers developed an annoying rattle); then a psychotherapist who practiced a since-banned form of conversion therapy to try to convince my speakers they were floorstanders; then a physical therapist who didn't do much during the sessions but gave me loads of mimeographed handouts that depicted exercises I was supposed to do with the speakers at home, though I could never understand the diagrams (they looked like topographic maps made by a cartographer who'd never been outside of an anechoic chamber). Finally, when I told all this to the produce manager at my local grocery store, he said, "Look at this kumquat. You think I spend my day trying to make it into a pomolo?"

Since then, I've had my speakers on the floor. I lie down on my belly to listen--prop my chin on my hands and chew wedge after wedge of citrus fruit. For some reason, I keep buying it by the crateful.

crooner's picture

Giving this is a lead shot, no pun intended!

Ixtayul's picture

I'm in.

Dax_Frost's picture

I need these!

walleyeil's picture

Perfect for my KEF

torturegarden's picture

…look nice. I hope I win.

vincesaw's picture

I will settle for the Bryston Stand this Christmas instead of my two front teeth.

pammie72's picture

What a great present this would be for ME!!! Sorry, to great a gift to give away, I would keep them all for me, myself, and I!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Kellen78's picture

Done! Fingers crossed!

mike walters's picture


blondie33's picture

My hubby would love these. Thanks for the chance.

cbowlingtn's picture

These would be great for my husband.

wineandwires's picture

My bookshelf speakers would love those.

Hopchop's picture

Enjoy your periodical. JD's articles are awesome. Thanks for the Sweepstakes.

2_channel_ears's picture

let me win

dmineard HT's picture

Have speakers need stands to go from 5.1 to 7.1. Please

ohiobob's picture

Thanks Santa
Just what I wanted for Christmas!

shelbiedog9's picture

Pick me!!!

Nesie's picture

So nice indeed. Thank you for hosting this!

Rdmarsiii's picture

I'd love a pair!!!

NadyaB's picture

Would love to win this!

hangtee's picture

Does it give tighter bass to bookshelf speakers than the conventional stands??

MrMustard's picture

Not profane or spam.

kana813's picture

Just what I need!

laurag56's picture

Nice prize

Bisbee68's picture

These are going to look great in my listening room!

Jeffstudio's picture

They look solid.

ET Pruitt's picture

Happy holidays!!

mikeh's picture

Perfect for bookshelf models with taller cabinets...unless you're really short or slump a lot.

catlady02's picture

Great giveaway- thanks for the opportunity!

t1ffanyann's picture

Thanks so much for the chance!! My husband would LOVE this!!!

jamesk's picture

Would love em to try try pair of Elacs!

Zbrownsdawg's picture

let me win pa pa please!

Ciceroslim's picture

if I'm not in it.

tro2892's picture

Great giveaway- thanks for the opportunity!

spyder1's picture

Great speaker stand design!

martian's picture

Always useful

techpro's picture

it looks professional and durable.

MtnBeachBum's picture

I actually need these!

clayblecklet's picture

Oh, yeah, I'd like 'em!

Bixby's picture

to win.

excalibur11's picture

My speakers are ready for their home.

leogarpab's picture

I need them!!! I really need them!!!

redsandvb's picture

Very nice...

teristeb's picture

Would love to win!

Wuvsn's picture

These would be great - I'd love to get my speakers off the floor... uggghhh

wordherder62's picture

Great give away.

buddybear's picture

This would be a Christmas Miracle to win!

chan031's picture

As much as I want to win these, good luck to everyone else that entered.

chilldowns's picture

I have a nice spot for these

dougspeterson's picture

I used to think the best speaker stands were a pair of subwoofers, but I have a feeling I am about to change my mind....

vozhyk87's picture

I've got a pair for these :)

imagecapturenyc's picture

KEF LS50 Wireless speakers coming out next month!

sonmikestanley's picture

Solid look like all Bryston products! I'm all in!

AudioPhilosophies's picture

Looking for some Bryston stands :)

Isocrates's picture

I certainly could utilize these for some hefty bookshelf speakers.

NJShoreScott's picture

Would fit my book shelf speakers well

npsquire1's picture

This would be perfect for my dad!

klappco's picture

Would look very nice holding up my Dentons.

ChomskyWouldnt's picture

Count me in!

badboy07's picture

need a new home.

CaptainVinyl1's picture

Nice little stands

Pafoofnic's picture

Over the years I have used speaker stands beginning with all manner of homemade stands; some fair to good, some poor, to bargain basement stands to really good one's like these. The best ones are very sturdy and you can open the posts to insert lead shot and or sand inside for dampening. Quality stands such as these are not only aesthetically appealing but they make great foundations giving your bookshelves their best opportunity to perform optimally.

srdykes's picture

'Really need some decent stands; milk crates don't get it.....

hapinoregon's picture

Please enter me.

Merci beau...

RelaxWithPep's picture

I'm shopping for speakers and these would be perfect. I have my fingers crossed.

rubyfizzle's picture

Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year!