London Maroon Cartridge and StylusTimer Sweepstakes

Register to win a London Maroon Cartridge (Value $950.00 ea) and a StylusTimer (value $19.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"The legendary London (Decca) cartridge is known for its extraordinary and unmatched musicality, delivered by its unique transducer design.


With a StylusTimer (2021 Stereophile Recommended Component) you can track cartridge break in-time, total stylus time, and the time you spend enjoying music, while preserving your system’s sound quality and protecting your records from damage from a worn stylus."


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

adeep42's picture

I win?

markaschumacher's picture

always can use a new cartridge

shadiesttripod's picture

Needle Naddle Noo (First LP I'd play would be by the Goons)

dc_bruce's picture

Sweep me in!

DavidEdwinAston's picture

My Arkiv could do with being replaced! Pretty please!

ddharman's picture

Best of luck to everyone!

thatguy's picture

Profane spam!!

marc g.'s picture

Pick me! Pick me!

tiagoramossdg's picture

If you chose me, I'll buy a proper turntable on which to plug this cartridge.

Anton's picture

I will call it "Nigel."

I'm already making plans for Nigel.

I only want what's best, for him.

partain's picture

..Call me impetuous...
..Just call me !

Simon Moond's picture

I was just starting to shop for a new cartridge in this exact price range.

My tonearm is already drooling!

hemingway's picture

Sign me up!!

Bruceov's picture

Need new cartridge.

JoeE SP9's picture

Count me in please.

mlin9987's picture

I won

LostandLazy's picture

Always wanted one of these

vta157.2's picture

Always dreamed of teaming a Decca with my old Townshend Rock III. The stylus timer would be a nice addition too.

2_channel_ears's picture

and Decc'd out.

GhostFlames's picture

A fantastic classic cartridge!!!!

speedofsound33_3's picture

Please enter me.

speedofsound33_3's picture

Please enter me.

SET Man's picture


I'm in.

volvic's picture

I wouldn’t know which turntable to install it on.

dhassler00's picture

It would be exciting to win!

dmineard HT's picture

Great combo. Nice to see contest back in action.

popluhv's picture

for my system!!!

Nicholalala's picture

Por favor!

dmcnelly's picture

Bet it sounds pretty nice too :)

stp's picture

My TT would love a new cart....

MrGneiss's picture

Yes please!! :-D

Needo22's picture

Count me in!

JOHN-PARIS's picture

Would be so happy to win those superb audio items :)

conqueso's picture

Always wanted to experience a Decca, best of luck to everyone! :-)

Ortofan's picture

... be - or perform better when - installed in a damped tonearm?

wobble52's picture

A London Decca wow!

JohnEhCanada's picture

I'm pretty sure I'm WAY past due to replace my cartridge.

mememe2's picture

"Sweet dreams are made of this"

macster's picture

I'm in.


Mrpinortiner's picture

Nice cart and timer, count me in.

ace-tone's picture

Need to upgrade...c'mon lady luck!

grglcs's picture

I'll take it.

anomaly7's picture

Time to win!

onlyanalog's picture

Always wanted a London Decca!

sjgoodall's picture

Great prizes, would love to have them!

bluesman66's picture

I’m in....great giveaway

515 AM's picture

Nice prize.

Statcfrost's picture

My VPI would love this I must win.

giubeppe's picture

I just need a new cartridge!!!!

317east32nd's picture

Put me in, coach

Dario33's picture

Count me in too - thanks.

funambulistic's picture

I'm in!

CBrentC's picture

Maybe I’ll get lucky

mtrot's picture

Ha ha, my cartridge is so old, I could do with a new one. Sign me up!

ffx190's picture

I'm in :)

bluevelvet's picture

Fingers crossed! I've always wanted to hear a Decca! The design is so fascinating.

pbocko82's picture

Oh boy! Free stuff!

maclark7029's picture

I desperately need a new cartridge!

303mikk's picture

Good luck people- what a nice prize!

Rasti's picture

Rasti was here

otaku's picture

I can time my London!

BigRak04's picture

I could use that!

jamesk's picture

Counting down the hours to break in a Maroon(ed) London...

djSpinner's picture

Cart would look sharp on my Sota TT

massive11's picture

It think I could put it to good use

pbporsche's picture

Very pleased with my StylusTimer. Will be acquiring one for each cartridge I own. Works as advertised. Small family company.

The London Decca would be a learning experience and dream.

rickyjay's picture

Would love to try this cartridge.

68tifosi's picture

London Maroon...that is.

Would love to enjoy Radiohead’s Ok Computer with this beauty.

seg1971's picture

Thanks for the chance.

lcd54222's picture

Already have the Stylus Timer - it's great!

Ivnrgmz's picture

Good luck all!

saxman73's picture

I’m in!

santaclaus's picture


JohnG's picture

I'm in.

Pooch's picture

Groovy prize!

handliner's picture

Thank you!

freedm's picture

Merry Christmas!

jonwoody's picture

I would like to win thanks!

atomb's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

torturegarden's picture

I could use an upgrade.

BluerThan's picture

Always been intrigued by the unconventional design. Would love to try it out.

Domino Joe's picture

Special delivery for Hoops McCann...

jayvee's picture

I'd be over the moon...

Nutty's picture

Technics SL-1210MG5 awaits.. (Currently a Hana EH)

bigasherm's picture

I'd like to take the cartridge out for a spin!

ozujiro's picture


reseau's picture

Eric Dolphy still lives

Alto_'s picture

I wish I could win :)

ormymusic's picture

winner winner chicken dinner

Dennis in NJ's picture

London Maroon would be a huge upgrade to the cartridge in my system. Thanks for running the sweepstakes!

shp's picture

I just bought a used pair of KEF 104/2's that need some TLC. What better way to enjoy them than with a new cartridge?

graveler's picture

Hope I win

ytl's picture

I'd love to try out the Decca cartridge! Heard so much about it for years...

Brankin's picture

Winner, winner, timer dinner!

Antealta's picture

it would be nice

amudhen's picture

Could use that stylus timer!

alexk's picture

since there was a give-away.

mrvalve's picture

My Goldring is getting long in the tooth. Would love to swap in the Maroon!

noirx7's picture

This would be a great improvement!

GotWAF's picture

I’m overdue baby!

AudioWally's picture

Got my four leaf clover working overtime on this one!
Where's my rabbit's foot?

ryanshultz's picture

Yes please

JJW's picture

Bring it on!!

Maaker's picture

Sign me up, Scotty!

vinylguy's picture

One can’t have too many Londons :)

ChrisS's picture

This time!

jkbenzene's picture


texanalog's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win the legendary London (Decca) cartridge!

HiFiHighjinks's picture

Sign me up!

lpsteve's picture

i hope i win

dlaloum's picture

Ahh the purity of a super short shank needle! (and the trickiness of adjusting it!)

miguelito's picture

I want this... :)

mikerr's picture

Thank you very much

germay0653's picture

I would love to win these!

Rodan's picture

I'm an optimist!

Glotz's picture


hendrikj's picture

I am about as old as the cartridge, so we would make a nice couple

mswdesign's picture

Yes, please.

Johnhwong's picture

Love to have

peanutButter's picture

Thank you! What a lovely gift!

audiom's picture

This would be an excellent excuse to upgrade my TT!

3whos's picture

Would love to upgrade from my Denon!

katfink's picture

I'm really not much of a rhymer, but could certainly use the timer.
If I win the cartridge, I'll eat a partridge.
But that would just be the primer.

grd's picture

Maybe lucky this time!

ken10254's picture

Fingers crossed on this one.
Wish me luck!

HTKev's picture

The English sound

Ecklement3's picture

I’ve been enjoying vinyl and am curious about the different sound characteristics

zettelsm's picture

I’ll give it a good home

Timbo in Oz's picture

:-) and ;-) !

reschleicher's picture

Spherical stylus - very intriguing!

srdykes's picture

Sign me up! London sounds like the place to be transported to by this cart!

sdbissell's picture


zfreiman's picture

How fun is this! Thanks Stereophile!!!

Bluejimbop's picture

I'm unhappy with my current cart but don't feel I can afford a new one with so many miles left on the old one.
Thanks to some of you previous posters for your humorous entries.

VanistheMan's picture

Van is the Man

gsuen's picture

I would like to win this.

Dave G.'s picture

Why not!

curcioj's picture

Pick me, Pick me!!

tromba's picture

A dream cartridge!!! Make my records sing!!

AZDean's picture

OK, if no one else wants it, I'll take it...

arj's picture

The Decca with a lossy arm is heaven !

mixpro's picture

...for my turntable! ya mon.

Dave O's picture

A win would encourage a return to vinyl

jesusdejesus's picture

I am desirous of a new cartridge

Rob Doorack's picture

Maybe I'll win this and finally get to do so.

ellisr63's picture

This would make an awesome upgrade for my setup!

edeverett's picture

Count me in.

Fuzzy Butts's picture

Me, Me, Send it to Me!!!

Tarraga's picture

Well, I think this might go quite nicely with my Sondek LP 12 and would round out my all Brit system. What more could I ask for, except to win. Thanks for the opportunity.