MoFi Distribution: Balanced Audio Technology

Balanced Audio Technology’s chief designer Victor Khomenko and BAT rep Steve Shade unveiled new products in conjunction with MoFi Electronics in 334.

It was the debut of the all-new BAT REX 300 Power Amplifier ($15,000) and VK-85 Preamplifier ($12,500). BAT's clever tagline "Crossing the Rubicon: The New Romance of Solid State" hints at a bold departure, suggesting their new solid state designs capture the magic usually associated with tubes, in a new form.

The REX 300 Power Amplifier Power features only two gain stages, with zero global feedback in a fully balanced circuit from input to output, is based on N-Channel MOSFET devices, is available as either a stereo amplifier or as a monoblock amplifier, and outputs 200Wpc into 8 ohms, 400Wpc into 4 ohms. Buy a stereo version now and convert it to a mono block later.

The VK-85 Preamplifier uses the same high-current N-Channel MOSFET devices as the REX 300. It features BAT’s fourth-generation SuperPak, dubbed "SuperPak Quattro," said to dramatically lower the noise floor, while it's "second generation transformer coupled outputs" are said to result in a "highly open and dynamic sound, free of both the sonic and longevity drawbacks common to capacitor coupled designs."

The system was filled out by the MoFi Electronics MasterDeck turntable ($5995), MoFi Electronics StudioSilver MC cartridge ($995), a BAT VK-P90 phono stage ($12,995), and a pair of SourcePoint 888 loudspeakers, debuting at this show ($4999/pair). In support were an Isotek EVO3 power conditioner ($9995), a Solidsteel HP-4 Luxury Series Rack $11,900, AudioQuest Robin Hood Zero Speaker cables, Water XLR interconnects, and NRG-10 power cables.