Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable Sweepstakes

Register to win a Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable (value $500.00) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Pro-Ject is celebrating the 54th anniversary of a Beatles' landmark with our "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"-inspired Essential III turntable."


"This high-performance table is based on one of our most popular models and features variable 33/45 RPM speeds. It's also one of the most striking pieces in our entire collection. We're excited to be collaborating with our friends at Stereophile and Analog Planet to offer readers a chance to own this historic piece."

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Ortofan's picture

... the 55th anniversary of a Beatles' landmark?

Nicholalala's picture

My girlfriend needs a turntable!

2_channel_ears's picture

Here, There and Everywhere

mtrot's picture

"Whisper words of wisdom" -- would sound great coming from this Project in my system! Let it be.

atomb's picture


Manimaldoug's picture

Let it be .. me

Graz1ano's picture

I will play my new Pro-Ject turntable

stereosnarf's picture

One of my favorite albums of all time.

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

SET Man's picture

So, I can only play SGT. Pepper album on this turntable?

LostandLazy's picture

Love the design

Anton's picture put this turntable in, to help my mind with wondering...

dsdeschenes's picture

Tomorrow Never Knows

noirx7's picture

This is a cool prize!

graveler's picture

I'll be 64 this year. Really.

MrGneiss's picture

Yes please!! :-D

vincent13's picture

Crossing my fingers!

MilesDylan's picture

Would love to win!

marcopinotti's picture

I need a new turntable!

Jazzer's picture

Good luck !!

rickyjay's picture

All of their special editions are great.

lpauliepaul's picture

WOW! That is an awesome table! The Beatles on vinyl. The way it should be!

DrMael's picture

Good luck! :-)

funambulistic's picture


Joey54's picture

always wanted a TT with MM

halloweenjack's picture

Sweet sweepstakes!

saronian's picture

I can put my Sgt Pepper picture disc on this

MBModern's picture

Yes, please.

jamesk's picture

Been (figuratively) sitting on a sealed MFSL of Sgt. Peppers for 35 years. Perfect opportunity....

jrampoldi's picture

this would be nice since my Rotel turntable is broken

mememe2's picture

I would definitely enjoy spinning some vinyl on this deck

vince's picture

Wouldn't mind a bit, if I won this!

FaJnZz's picture

Would be nice to revisit on new t-table.
Thank you.

Pecos's picture

I'm in.

Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Number nine number nine number nine number nine...

Haskle1's picture

Sign me up.'s picture

To replace the one in the garage.

NM Steve's picture

Winning this would be Fixing a Hole in my stereo collection!

John Reid's picture

I really would enjoy the show!

zoltanvarga's picture

Count me in

mmole's picture

...Thank you.

thatguy's picture

one ticket to ride please

HiFiHighjinks's picture

My Beatles albums will sound better on this turntable.

gamastak's picture

My Beatles records deserve to be played on that turntable !

Julian Marquez's picture

Got to get you into my life!

BillyBoy1707's picture

This would make for a "Good Morning. Good Morning!"

Keith Selby's picture

It's getting better all the time!

WGH Woodworking's picture

Yup, my life just keeps getting better.

alink50's picture

Oh baby, come to daddy!

cyberpez's picture

I've had my eye on this for a bit.

peanutButter's picture

Looking forward to getting the shipping notice.

mvalletto's picture

Here we go...

JoeyBananys's picture

Would love to play my Beatles collection on this unit!

wackobass1's picture

I just got a ton on old latin jazz records in great shape. Time for a listening party! One of the benefits of living in a retirement area!

mcnovak's picture

Love the Beatles!

Tarraga's picture

This will be the perfect turntable to go with the system I’m building.

jazlop's picture

That would be awesome.

W HHofmeier's picture

This would be a good one for me.

vinylust's picture


rshadowen's picture

Love the design of this table!

hubersteve's picture

Yes I need a new turntable!

richk90113's picture

Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.

atkidoug's picture

What a fun turntable. I just gave my old one to my son-in-law...this would be a great replacement!

Lxgreen's picture

I would like to win

mrvalve's picture

I was just eyeing the George Harrison turntable

nwAudio2's picture

And Sgt Pepper was my first vinyl purchase- the original release!!!

carl478's picture

Please Please Me

mikerr's picture


mwildebeast's picture

Good luck everyone!

gsuen's picture


gpdavis2's picture

That would be the perfect match for my AT-Mono cart. Have just the spot for same. 7-come-11..............

mraudio's picture

...a new turntable!!!

Bluejimbop's picture

and Stereophile paid it.

Todd_R's picture

I'd love to have this.

tommolinaro15's picture

Another great Project turntable! And one that honors The Beatles! Can’t get any better than that!

Basil's picture


3whos's picture

Good luck to me!

Vinyl Rules's picture

Would make a nice addition to my collection.

Vinyl Rules's picture

Unintended duplicate post due a poorly designed site.

ace-tone's picture

fingers crossed

torturegarden's picture

I'm going to win one of these sweepstakes eventually.

spyderman's picture

I need this.

jacaroe's picture

Love Love Love
Love is allyou got

Nicholas's picture

Very cool turntable

greaseballs80's picture

I need a turntable!

efgaug's picture

This would be a wonderful new addition to my setup. I could use a new turntable.

landonscism's picture

I need a new turntable! And this is a good one!

moleigh3's picture

So cool!

TestosterTwo's picture

Hope I win one!

DocSG's picture

Would love to win this table. My favorite album and a great table all in one.

Mnollman's picture

What a cool turntable

Jikester's picture

Want to play all my Beatles albums on this baby!

audiom's picture

I always wanted to get a Pro-Ject and this one needs a good home - mine!

hpscout's picture

Never had a turntable. Would be nice to get one for the first time.

texanalog's picture

...for the opportunity to win a Pro-Ject The Beatles SGT. Pepper Essential III, Special Edition Turntable!

spectorns2a's picture

I need a new turntable and this one is so cool

frede944's picture

Could this replace my 1975-vintage Thorens TD-160C?

SteveSteveSteve's picture

I think this is an extraordinarily appropriate theme for a great turntable.

Bubmonster's picture

What an amazing turntable.

145khoury's picture

"Welcome The Rolling Stones: Good Guys!"'s picture

Excellent design, quality performance, and dressed to impress

dmineard HT's picture

My fingers are crossed. What a neat looking turntable. We can put this one to use. Please, we have not been lucky for years and you can change that by drawing our entry.

Sounds2Cool's picture

I'm in and I'm out.

Gaspar's picture

What a wonderful prize!'s picture

Okay Stereophile folks --- you got an old subscriber back (though at a new address) as this contest / re-subscription offer caught my eye. Keep up these unique items ---- I can always use something unique in my AV collection! Thanks.

trmntr03's picture

Could it be my wedding present to my daughter and her bridegroom?

Loner's picture

I hope I pass the audition!'s picture

great contest :)

Brankin's picture

Nice - I'd love to pass this on to my son to get him started.

plevy25's picture

Keep the records spinning....

hhaehre's picture

Norwegian Wood

JoeE SP9's picture

Count me in please.

bigmike7844's picture

I could use a replacement for my original Kenwood kd3070

pkf2's picture

Don't let me down

pkf2's picture

Don't let me down's picture

Already enjoying one Project turntable, but could use a second.

borderhart's picture

This deck needs to be in my system!

Rootmsquare's picture

Will like to hear a "Live" demo of the turntable even if I am not the winner.

ianjwebster's picture

Perfect for my Beatles collection!!!

specialk13's picture

....and love vinyl. I'm in!

carchas's picture

I would love to win! I was 15 years old when Sgt Pepper was released. The first sounds of the opening theme song I heard on my turntable was shocking unlike anything the Beatles had done, raunchy guitars, horns and a strange slow tempo. It took time for me to adjust and love it.

Dennis in NJ's picture

Pepper Me! Would love to win this commemorative table!

mstcraig's picture

I want one!'s picture

What a great idea and wonderful way to celebrate the 54th anniversary of the Beatles magnificent Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band !

bgabriel55's picture

I was 12.

bgabriel55's picture

I was 12.

johnnyangel's picture

If I hadn’t foolishly parted with it for a dollar or so a few years later, I could afford to buy this turntable for myself.

penemio's picture

I would love to have this iconic collectible

ivel1977's picture

My husband would absolutely love this

Bernard Kaminski's picture

Rita Meter Maid

Mitchellman1's picture

This would be a nice replacement for my old B&O turntable.

reuben_fuentes's picture

Turntables Good!

sbank's picture

My daughter would love this!

bolg's picture

It would be a dream to own this! Thank you for giving us all this awesome opportunity! I would be spinning Beatles related records all day on this gem, with the exception of Yoko that is. :)

Acfemf's picture

Miss Art Dudley terribly! My daughter and i cried when we watched the video that told the story of where his Flamencos went.

806's picture

I learned how to play drums wearing the grooves out of my father's copy of Sgt. Pepper's...incredible piece of music history.

edeverett's picture

Count me in!

alfalover's picture

I will also take the White Album version

Glotz's picture

more cool

GopherFan's picture

Prove me wrong, please.

RK355PQKP33's picture

It is a nice looking turntable. It was during SGT. Peppers time that I started buying 33's.

marc g.'s picture

You can drive my car!

grey17's picture

Cool table, count me in!

rere's picture

my records are pawing...

jacksedaka's picture

Count me in on this raffle!

markaschumacher's picture

Great looking turntable

Austiophil's picture


audiojohn's picture

I’m a big Beatles fan. Please, Please Me!

cdxskier's picture

Count me in!

aloha.mark's picture