Linear Tube Audio, Clayton Shaw Acoustic Lab, Atma-Sphere, Anticables

The Caladan loudspeakers from Clayton Shaw Acoustics ($3000/pair) were a sleeper hit at the Capital AudioFest, so I made a beeline to the fifth floor, slow-motion elevators not withstanding.

The room also presented the world debut of Linear Tube Audio’s Aero DAC ($3600) with an Innuos ZEN MK3 music server ($3649), Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamplifier ($26,000), and Atma-Sphere Class D monoblocks (that's their name; $6130/pair). Cabling was by Anticables: Level 4.2 Flex speaker cables ($350/pair), the new Perfect Music 4 XLR interconnects ($935/pair), Level 3.3 USB ($215), and Level 3 Power Cords ($330).

LTA’s first DAC, the Aero is an R2R ladder DAC with no oversampling or digital filters that employs the Analog Devices AD1865 R2R DAC chip. On the analog side, it uses David Berning’s class-A ZOTL circuit and offers easy tube swapping via a toggle switch that lets you choose between 6SN7 and 12SN7 output tubes.

Atma-Sphere's Ralph Karsten (whose MP-1 Preamp I reviewed in the '00s) played a lovely copy of Vaughan Williams's The Lark Ascending (EMI/RCA) on the room’s Technics turntable. The sound was spacious, engaging, full, and powerful. Also on LP, Ray Brown’s Soular Energy was equally engaging, the master bassist’s notes popping out with warmth, punch, and extension. An exceptional, fun room.

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The Sorcer Apprentice harmonic power conditioner ($2,999.95) also contributed mightily to the sonic excellence in the room. It features ADD-Powr® proprietary field effect technology to provide a harmonic boost to audio signals. It can be seen seated behind the left Atmasphere monoblock.

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It's rather embarrassing when someone who makes a living writing doesn't know that notwithstanding is one word, not two.

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The only thing left to do now is to announce to the whole interwebs that you are hereby cancelling your subscription and will never visit the Stereophile site again! That'll show everyone and then you can sit back and revel in smug satisfaction. At least until the next article drops...

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Apparently, we were not listed on the signage in time to be an acknowledged participant. Nevertheless, banner and marketing litereature were present for those interested.

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the real reason is no one is interested in your snake oil products.

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@ helomech - All of the company representatives were quite interested as were many attendees.
Ignorant, unhappy, small minds like yourself feel good about themselves with such comments. If you are afraid to say that you don't understand the product, then why not just come out and say so?