AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB Data & Power Noise Filter Sweepstakes!

Register to win a pair of AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB Data & Power Noise Filters (value $99.95/pair) we are giving away.

From the company:

AudioQuest's JitterBug USB Data & Power Noise Filter has treated many thousands of music lovers to more naturally beautiful sound.

Of the original model, Stereophile's John Atkinson wrote, "I have no hesitation in declaring, loudly and longly, that I can think of no way to spend $49 that would make me more enjoy my computer-based audio than the AudioQuest JitterBug. Try one—or two—for yourself."


Nearly 10 years later, JitterBug FMJ, typically priced individually at $69.95, will now be sold in packs of two for just $99.95. (Offer valid through December 31, 2023, in North America only.)

With its metal case (aka Full Metal Jacket) and RF-absorbing carbon-loaded output cover, JitterBug FMJ provides even more enjoyment than the award-winning original. FMJ's properly drained metal case effectively shields against external radio-frequency noise, and its hinged RF-absorbing carbon output cover optimizes performance when used in parallel.


Use JitterBug in-series, in-parallel, or both—wherever you have USB ports. Employ one JitterBug in series between any computer, smartphone, NAS, streamer, or car audio system and a USB input. For an additional sonic improvement, use a second JitterBug in another unoccupied USB port—in parallel to the first—except with its output cover in place.

Regardless of the application, a second JitterBug in parallel pulls more RF noise off the USB power bus, allowing JitterBug's efficacy to be enjoyed even when plugged into service-only or update-only USB ports on many devices.


Today's RF noise, like the noise generated internally by computers and power supplies, is sinister. We can't directly hear it, but it robs music and soundtracks of detail and dynamic contrast, burying much of music's precious subtlety.

Why let it go unchecked? Fight back with JitterBug FMJ.

Click here for more information on AudioQuest's JitterBug FMJ.

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MikeSTL's picture

I already use one of these on my Roon Rock to a very noticeable effect. Could use a pair more for the open ports.

noirx7's picture

Heard of these, looking forward to trying one!

Ortofan's picture

... that "there is nothing here to suggest that the AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ made any worthwhile difference to audio playback."

JohnnyThunder2.0's picture

More defensive anti-subjectivist nonsense. The minute I see 30 side by side comparisons of measurements I realize that the guy is not for me. He's all measurements as if that is the secret to anything besides it measures, not how it sounds. Two violinists can play an A. it will measure as an A. It will be a different sound in each violinist's hands (literally.) AQ sells a lot of these and I owned one when I had a USB doc. I liked it. It seemed to make the sound smoother. And someone like JA hears a difference too. I trust him, not you and the skeptic negative contrarians. I dont give a rats ass what arch imago measures in his basement.

Archimago's picture

Just anti-"subjectivist only" nonsense which is what this product is despite the name having something to do with objective properties (maybe something about jitter!?).

This thing and versions of it has been out since 2016. In all this time, there is no evidence that it affects jitter, noise, or anything else.

I trust JA's hearing as much as I trust that he heard/felt MQA was the "birth of a new world" he wrote about in 2014. Be careful of faith in others' hearing...

celef's picture

Wrong asumption, A piece of hifi gear is not a musician, a musician creates sound, a piece of hifi gear shall only transmit a signal, it shall not create their own sounds.

A violinist can surely be looked throu measurements, check freq and time for a start

hb72's picture

with my former DAC, a budget Arcam irdac, the JB had very positive effect on SQ if inserted between DAC and whatever source (PC, streamer, and most pronounced with an ipad!). Easily audible!
with my current DAC, a Chord Qutest, there is practically no gain in SQ, but a slight shift in frequency response (at least that is how it sounds). So I am not using it anymore in the current config.

So you get different results, dependent on pairing, and I suppose USB interface in the DAC. A general statement of "no difference" what so ever, as for most tweaks methinks, is definitely not correct, on the contrary a very notable improvement is a likely outcome.


Calvin and Hobbes's picture

I have a Jitterbug between my streamer and DAC. Its presence results in clear sound.

Glotz's picture

Does this USB stick hold?

hollowman's picture

It might help my present dongle ....
I'm using a slightly larger $28 (Ali) usb dongle based on the philips tda1305 hybrid dac from mid 1990s. Used in CDPs by many high-enders like Naim, Cambridge, ABBINGDON AMR CD-777, CEC, Conrad-Johnson , Micromega, et. al. See the Dutch list.
The ancient TI PCM2706 is not bad at jitter control, but it can't do high-rez or DSD. It may be ideal for Red Book 16/44/1 however, per its orig. design.

Good sonics on this Ali tda 1305 piece of kit, and beats my $90 Hifime S2 USB and SPDIF DAC (Sabre ES9038q2m).

Yes, it actually costs $25 usd + s/h ($5).

What it looks like:


gsal's picture

I'm in. Thanks!

JML's picture

Worth a try!

Unclebob's picture

Is this that little slice of heaven I have been looking for?

prerich45's picture

Free is free!

seg1971's picture

Adding my comment to win. thanks

markbrauer's picture

Been curious about these. Will report if I win.

bigasherm's picture

I will put both dongles into good use.

moushka's picture

Would be happy to own one!

flmtnbeachbum's picture

I would be interested to see if I can hear a difference on my system.

BlueHighway's picture

Is this giveaway by Audioquest because more and more DACs are accepting USB-C inputs rather than USB-A to B? Either way, Audioquest products are always a great deal!

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

adeep42's picture

I used to Jitterbug all night.

ChrisS's picture

I need a new one!

Arvo Palm-Leis's picture

Free is cool.'s picture

I currently do not own this product but would be willing to give it a shot.

Aja1's picture

yes please.

Dennis in NJ's picture

It would be great if my name was drawn: FMJ for NJ!

audionut01's picture

I have and older version and it works as advertised. Would love to try the new one.

300b4me's picture

Ya Sur Ya Betcha!

2_channel_ears's picture

what all the fuss is about.

Dick James's picture

I hope I win!

marc g.'s picture

pick me blah blah blah

iHAUS's picture

Hope it sound as good as Jon says it does!

Hope IIII win.

ftzoeckler's picture

Intriguing gadget.

MBMax's picture

Son built a music server for me... a J-Bug would be a lovely enhancement.

TeeMG's picture

Hey! I’d love to win a Jitterbug.

JC7691's picture

I am intrigued by the improvement made by the jitterbug to any of my music listening systems.

RichardPSAudioTownesendChordCyrusRega's picture

I use 2 of the plastic-bodied bugs (one for USB Out, one on the empty port adjacent) and they render regular Spotify tunes listenable; not-quite CD quality but for working on the PC to, or discovering new artists, quite good. My Chord Qutest helps too, of course!
I then buy the CDs or LPs of those albums I have fallen for.
The monthly cost of a Hi-Res streaming platform, the financial deficit for artists, and - a big one here in Manchester/Blighty - the inconsistent, low-Res and, occasionally, down internet signal, stop me going any further along the river, let alone investing in a whole new raft of hardware and peripherals.

Lantian's picture

Best of luck you all.

canyelles's picture

Didn't some other brand use FMJ? Musical Fidelity? ARCAM?

zen2000's picture

I feel this could help my dac.

ster4610's picture

Would like to try in my own rig.

Jim C.'s picture

I have the original Jitterbug and I like its perceived effects, objectivists be damned.

audiof001's picture

Sounds like a plan!!!

cognoscente's picture

After reading several articles and reviews, including here, I thought this small investment was worth a gamble and bought one. Between my streamer / iPhone (with the Onkyo HiRes app and HiRes music files) and the dac, the sound sounded softer, muffled with less detail and less tightness. Others would say more relax. Too relax in opinion. A deterioration in my hearing, at least on my set. In the free USB input of my dac there was no difference in sound, but it is claimed that it should. So it lying here collecting dust idly. As mentioned, fortunately the amount is not prohibitive.

stungun's picture

Sign me up!

MLKIII's picture

This is a comment that meets the criteria for entering the sweepstakes.

nedbade's picture

I am always looking for new ways to improve the sound of the music we play.

tonye's picture

I want the Reference Signature Plus USB-C Magnun version!

enrique majluf's picture

Anything that improves the sound of my system is welcome!!!.

Apart from placing this bug to the USB output to the DAC, where can placing the second bug have better performance?

In a second USB input of my DAC without connecting it to anything or in the second USB output of my notebook to which I connect an external HDD with my music files?

torturegarden's picture

I have one and it does provide a nice sonic improvement. I would love to have a couple more.

veggieboy2001's picture

I've always thought that Coaxial sounds better than USB, I'd love a chance to hear if this improves things.

Brankin's picture

Jitterbug me, asap.

cdxskier's picture

I'll put these to good use!

jmp271's picture

Why not.

korykatseanes's picture

Love to try them.

mikesul's picture

Why win one, when two will do ! Looking forward to trying these when I win them.

SVinTO's picture

--that using more than 1 on the same computer will enhance effectiveness.

fmichinaga's picture

I did not know about the JitterBug FMJ USB. I'm glad to learn about them. Thanks!

rhale64's picture

Yes I am interested in trying a couple of these. My buddy has the original and likes them.

rallais1's picture

Every little bit helps.

jamesk's picture

Would like t try it.

gsuen's picture

I have a couple usb dacs to try with

barty's picture

Comment right here...'s picture

I am always in favor of something that improves the sound of my system at a reasonable price.'s picture

I always like tweaks that improve the sound of my system for a reasonable price.

ken10254's picture

I have used the original Jitterbugs, but I would like to win this upgrade.
Please make it so!

anomaly7's picture

An AudioQuest JitterBug FMJ USB Data & Power Noise Filter would rock my ROON ROCK!

py's picture

Fingers crossed!

carvalho26's picture

Can't go wrong with anything in the Audioquest stable.

KG_Jag's picture

Please throw my name into the hat.

Bernard Kaminski's picture

Would love to try it out

MEI47's picture

Longtime fan of Audioquest's picture

I've heard of these for years. As a Dragonfly user for many years, I would love to try these.

Brasco327's picture

I will gladly replace my older Jitterbugs with these!!!

AUDIONUT66's picture


SGva's picture

I'd love to try one of these out!

jhead4's picture

Is this like raid to digital nasties

romath's picture

The Jitterbug was my intro to better desktop audio several years ago, but since largely disassembling my desktop system, I haven't kept up with later iterations of it. Love to hear where its developed.

pgmdir's picture

I've loved my Dragonfly since the beginning, so I'd love to have these!!

barfle's picture

I would certainly be interested in seeing / hearing what this does in my Oppo 105’s USB ports.

Brown Sound's picture

I could use a few new ones, thank you.

mixpro's picture

Audioquest Niagara made a sigificant improvement in my system. I'd love to find out if Jitterbug does the same

Todd_R's picture

Didn't notice much difference on the original, but want to try this.

tullfan1's picture

Would like to hear the improvement it makes.

Stevemilleresq's picture


Deaudio's picture

The original Jitterbug installed in a parallel USB port works great to reduce USB audio noise the Intel NUC. Looking forward to winning a pair of the advanced FMJs!

rkotoski's picture

Looking forward to trying this

fvector750's picture

Clearly, I've got nothing better to do with my time since I'm doing this sweepstakes. The odds do not make up for it.

Sounds2Cool's picture

I would be happy to employ these tools in my quest for the best quality sound from my audio system.