Carlos Santana's Blessings and Miracles Sweepstakes!

Register to win one of three Carlos Santana Blessings and Miracles Vinyl Editions (value $34.98 each), or a limited edition Carlos Santana hand signed Blessings & Miracles PRS SE Doublecut Electric Guitar (value: $2,995/priceless) we are giving away.

Blessings and Miracles Vinyl LP:
Music legend and guitar master Carlos Santana's latest star-studded masterpiece Blessings and Miracles is out on vinyl March 18, 2022 via BMG. On it, Santana delivers one of the most ambitious, inspired, and magical records of his storied career. There are genre-bending, hook-filled celebrations featuring Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, G-Eazy, American Authors and Ally Brooke, and thrilling feats of bravura musicianship that pair the guitar master with fellow icons like Chick Corea and Steve Winwood, and knockout rockers with Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Living Colour's Corey Glover, among others.

Santana Sweeps

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“Meeting once again at the intersection of American pop and Latin flair, [Rob] Thomas showcases his signature vocals over Santana's dizzying guitar, congas and a lively horn section…there's a similarly gigantic energy [to 'Smooth'] on 'Move' that's fit for both afternoon cookouts and dance clubs.” - San Francisco Chronicle

Santana Sweeps

“'Joy,' as its title suggests, is a celebratory, uplifting track, though that euphoria is couched in a heavy, yearning groove that blends elements of reggae, blues, gospel, and country.” - Rolling Stone

Santana Sweeps

Carlos Santana Hand Signed Blessings & Miracles PRS SE Doublecut Guitar:
Featuring the artwork from the 2021 Blessings and Miracles release, this Santana Student Edition PRS is a must have for any collector. This is a very limited run of these guitars. Initial print is 1 of 17 Guitars. This guitar is hand signed by Carlos Santana.

Santana Sweeps

The mahogany body and 22-fret mahogany wide-fat neck combine to give this guitar its warm, woody tone and focused mid-range, making sure you fit into every mix just right. This guitar comes decked out with all the classic PRS appointments, including a rosewood fretboard with iconic bird inlays and PRS-designed humbucking pickups and stoptail bridge.

Specifications: Top Wood - Maple with Flame Maple Veneer (no veneer on opaque finishes) Back Wood - Mahogany Number of Frets - 22 Scale Length - 24.5" Neck Wood - Mahogany Fretboard Wood - Rosewood Fretboard Inlays - Birds Neck Shape - Wide Fat Bridge - PRS Designed Tremolo Tuners - PRS Designed Tuners Hardware Type - Nickel Treble Pickup - PRS SE 245 Treble Bass Pickup - PRS SE 245 Bass Controls Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector

Santana Sweeps

Please note, the color of the headstock and body of the guitar may vary from the photo.

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StereoGMax1's picture

I really need that guitar! RIP Chick Corea missing you already!

eddyrox4u's picture

does it sound good ?

adeep42's picture

Just love Carlos. He got SOUL!

ednazarko's picture

I don't have a turntable, don't have a guitar. But ooooohhhh that guitar...

MontyM's picture

This is a sweet sweepstakes. Fingers crossed.

RoryG's picture

What a generous contest! I'd be honored.

Glotz's picture

Miracle...! And blessings! Amen.

Narrowfellow's picture

Ill give it a try.

zen2000's picture

love the guitar

mmole's picture


wobble52's picture

Brilliant to have more music from Carlos

Jazzlistener's picture

would love to win an album or that fantastic guitar to pay him back!

gdinderman's picture

If I had his guitar, maybe I cold get closer . . .

oregontreat's picture

I am worthy

hearditontheX's picture

What a super cool opportunity to connect with a legend. Thanks Carlos, PRS, Stereophile and whoever else was involved.

ajax's picture

bless you carlos ! love supreme

noirx7's picture

Carlos, my man!

ianjwebster's picture

Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck to all (but mostly me 8-_)

mrounds's picture

Thank you for the opportunity! And if I win the guitar, I'll have to learn how to play it - this is not just something for the wall!

elenbrandt's picture

The real Blessing and Miracle is to hear Carlos' music, the rest is icing. Thank you for your gift to us all.

santaclaus's picture

cool way cool

dmineard HT's picture

Yes I would love any or all of these items. The LPs would sound great on my system.

solarboy297's picture

Just happy that Carlos is still the best!

samuilc's picture

Here I come.

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to win!! :-D

funambulistic's picture

Would not mind winning either!

va2054's picture

Amazing guitar

gpickles's picture

What a great contest and chance to win an amazing guitar!

gnatster's picture

In the Ring

rickyjay's picture

Wow! What a beauty.

JML's picture

Stunning work.

Dviolagis's picture

Would love to own this from one greatest guitarist.

MilesDylan's picture

Great contest, would love to win

saronian's picture

That winning feeling

DaveinSM's picture

I have enough guitars already, but haven’t ever had a PRS…

Dick James's picture

I hope I win!

buuthanh's picture

Sweet guitar

hitman61's picture

It would be nice to win

J Burton's picture

Love devotion surrender

Csbushover's picture

But, if I win…..I will learn

redbikes's picture

Been a Santana fan since the late 60s. Can't wait

adk-highlander's picture

Would love to win.

dburna's picture

Would love to get that as it would jump-start my guitar lessons in a big way.

stereosnarf's picture


louis fischer's picture

It's always wonderful to hear something new from him.

Beckman's picture

I practically glued my Koss headphones to my head to listen to Abraxas in high school in the early 70's. Since then Carlos has been part of my brain. His music never gets old.

jamesk's picture

I would finally have no excuse to learn to play.

billinga's picture

Thanks Carlos Santana!

2_channel_ears's picture

What else to say?

JoeE SP9's picture

Count me in. Please.

mwilliford's picture

MUST win this for my Son!

Scott Ellis's picture

Great idea!

Hope I win...

partain's picture

Me , Me , Me !

radtoad11's picture

love carlos

baron34gr's picture

Carlos has been one of my top 5 guitarists since the first Santana album.

volvic's picture

I can strum it on the streets for spare change.

sgibson389's picture

to have new Santana and a giveaway. Stereophile rocks!

graveler's picture

Nice guitar. Hope I win.

wendellkb's picture

what a great new album

MtnBeachBum's picture

Very sweet looking guitar!

joe149's picture

Would love any and all things Santana :-)

Jim C.'s picture

Paul Reed Smith grew up just a couple of blocks from where I'm sitting now, and his brother is a friend of mine. So obviously that guitar is coming to me.

Algee's picture

samba pa ti!

antonmb's picture

Ooo, pick me!

torturegarden's picture

I never win these things, maybe this time?

Nuz1's picture

Would love that guitar!

nicklane1's picture

Santana's music is pure magic!
Makes my lips sing and feet move.

Jancuso's picture

Since he began with the Santana Blues Band, Carlos has been leading the way - literally! - as a guitarist and bandleader!

krahbeknudsen's picture

I would love that guitar!

VagabondJ's picture

You roll the dice and you hope for luck...

tres hombres's picture

Never too old for rock'n-roll. Thanks for the good vibes Mr. Santana, cheers!!!

mrvalve's picture

But I would love to play that Guitar!

MattJ's picture

That guitar would make a hell of a prize!

bigasherm's picture

Carlos Santana has long been one of my guitar heroes. I like the new album.

chriscoffel's picture

"To the sound of Carlos Santana"
- Maria Maria

MASantos's picture

Here’s my entry, hopping to win this guitar!!

andyandmax's picture

I thought I was going to learn the ukelele. But I can try on this.

GKearny's picture

As Bob and Ted say: Always be excellent to each other. Party ON !!!

Broondog's picture

First saw them in 1968. I need this.

bigmike1976's picture

Two of my guitar faves....Carlos and PRS, not to mention the other epic talent on the album. Sign me UP! WHAT?
#bestguitarever ...aside from anything played by Jimi of course.

joesolek's picture

About time he put out some new music. I love the man......and his guitar!

taramuh's picture

Beautiful guitar! Santana's music never disappoints.

NickPage's picture

Love everything that Carlos does. He is a master guitarist.

Tardisrider's picture

Carlos is the best. Looking forward to new music from him

chaletclub's picture

I'm confident I'll win!

Dr Z's picture

but, really could use that there axe for my guitar karaoke act on th' river here...

AudioIdiot63's picture

42 years ago at the age 16, Santana’s music changed my life and made me wanted to play solo guitar. From Europe, via Samba Pa Ti and all his great albums I sill own on vinyl. I never became very good at it, but his music still touches me….. cheers

Rennie's picture

Yes, please!

drillerwayne's picture

Great music for decades. I still have the early 70's surround sound album of Abraxas.

waldemar's picture

Looking forward to hearing the album - thanks to Carlos for years of musical enjoyment!

xtjorgensen's picture

Just listened to Abraxas yesterday on vinyl

ChuckM937's picture

Maybe I'd learn to play guitar.

Jimmy Kalogris's picture

This would be PERFECT for the music/listening room!!1

Salsa's picture

BOOM! Let's hope the random selection app picks me!! I've always loved PRS guitars and I'll start taking lessons again if I am chosen!

Arturo's picture

What a great combo of prizes to win. I can only hope and pray they come my way. Santana on vinyl is awesome sounding.

gsuen's picture


BubbaGump2284's picture

Was just watching "Supernatural" last night, could be an Omen???

akhan's picture

Can't wait to hear the vinyl

mixpro's picture

Abraxis is at the top of my Desert Island list. Keep it going, Carlos! I wanna check this out ASAP. -Oakland Sam

hifi soda's picture

Huge lifelong admirer of Carlos Santana. Owning and playing this guitar would be amazing.

mikerr's picture


OSUGuy's picture

To Listen to Santana's new album, to go with the Santana albums I bought as a kid. Decades long fan of his music.

Diveforit's picture

I'd be happy with anything to do with Carlos' music!

mtrot's picture

My wife is not that easy to impress, but maybe if I can get hold of this guitar...

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ken10254's picture

Count me in and lucky!

abertawe's picture

That's a fabulous looking guitar!

roky10's picture

count me in!!

cnemo's picture

Wow! what a great contest. Good luck to everybody.

Ktracho's picture

that I haven't yet heard, although I would be even more excited to play a few chords on the guitar!

fortheloveofvinyl's picture

Love winning too !

stevecdds's picture

Excellent husband points if you pick me!

maclark7029's picture

Please let me win!

Sonoro's picture

Carlos has created some great music. Listen to it.

Vivascene's picture

I may just switch from playing the classical Ramirez to this supernaturally cool electric!

pepotter1955's picture

I really like the PRS guitars.'s picture

Peace and Love to Carlos and Family!

HowardR's picture

It would be a blessing to have it.