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According to the company:

One of the indisputable masterpieces--and most commercially successful titles--in the ELO canon, Out of the Blue, the group's seventh studio album, was originally released in October 1977. The musical and conceptual brainchild of Jeff Lynne, who wrote and produced the entire album, Out of the Blue is among the most ambitious double albums in classic rock history, a complex and visionary work that included, as the album's complete Side 3, Lynne's "Concerto for a Rainy Day," a coherent song suite comprised of four movements and authentic ambient weather effects recorded by Lynne and incorporated into the soundscape of the record.

Out of the Blue was the first ELO album to feature the group's logo as a three-dimensional flying saucer/space station, a visual motif central to ELO's live shows. The album, which peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 has gone on to sell upwards of 10 million copies worldwide. Out of the Blue is the first double album in UK chart history to spawn four Top 20 singles.

The 2LP collector's picture disc edition of Out of the Blue was remastered from the original master tapes and includes a digital download of the album.

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volvic's picture

Would bring back great memories

The Professor's picture

Would be nice to win something for a change. If only to get one of the band members to sign it for me as I only live a few miles away!

HiFi Nut's picture

A dreamy album that would be great to hear on my new system.

stereosnarf's picture

Thank you

jjljr's picture

... which was in my junior year of High School - but I'll settle for winning this contest!

NuclearPower's picture


marc g.'s picture

...then I'd be able to say I heard it at least once.

jimtavegia's picture

New vinyl of this would be a great addition to my collection.

MrGneiss's picture

Yes please!! :-D

raycreely's picture

Nice prize!

pmelehan's picture

jeff lynne at his best

alcibiadesGR's picture

Why not?

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

matthra's picture

something Out of the Blue!

hnickm's picture

It's an outstanding concert.

HiFiHighjinks's picture

Count me in!

latinaudio's picture

... ELO album !

2_channel_ears's picture

Evil Woman

51514brad's picture

A new vinyl copy to replace my 30 year old one would be fantastic!

Glotz's picture


gnatster's picture

Why Not.

markbrauer's picture


bierfeldt's picture

My wife LOVES ELO and would be so excited.

otaku's picture

Def the holiday gift.

Steve Norene's picture

Great stuff from a great band!

rabcons's picture

It'd be very nice.

dtchayes's picture

How to cure cynicism: Surrender to the pop genius of ELO.

klatu385's picture

Yes, count me in.

mtrot's picture

I'm in.

bbqbeef's picture

One of my great regrets, not have enough common sense in my youth, went the way of digital and disposed of great vinyl like this long ago. Would love to be able to re-build!

Jimtech's picture

Can't wait.

rlen1979's picture

Love a fresh copy!

dmineard HT's picture

The 2LP collector's picture disc edition of Out of the Blue was remastered from the original master tapes and would sound great on my new GE Tech speaker system. Marry Christmas to all.

adeep42's picture

I never win contests. This would be a first!

leec's picture


richardg6409's picture

Would love this album..

Horace Wimp's picture

This album, originally considered to be named "Out of This World," is the Maestro Jeff Lynne's magnum opus. In 40 years, I've never tired of it, and have worn out an 8-track and a couple of LPs. Fortunately, my CD might last forever, just like this music. Looking forward to seeing you in Denver in August, Jeff!

map856's picture

and a Happy New year to all the staff and readers of Stereophile

bwade711's picture

gimme that vinyl boys

pdgoblue25's picture

Thanks for the opportunity

airdronian's picture

Thanks for another contest. Merry Xmas.

Sonico's picture

Merry Christmas!

Blue Skies's picture

Awesome Mix Vol. 2 for the movie Guardians of the Galaxy 2 reminded me of how awesome ELO is. I am hooked on Mr. Blue Skies! This song makes me happy no matter how bad my day is.

Steamer88's picture


Dick James's picture

I hope I win.

John in Baltimore's picture

See how the sun shines brightly!

mememe's picture

Got to see them in Toronto. The album would be the icing on the cake.

KAL065's picture


jmq's picture

Would love to win this one!

isko's picture

Gotta jump at the opportunity to add a classic to the collection free of charge.

AaronB's picture

Thanks for the opportunity!

Aleksandr Smirnov's picture

Thank You!

shraza66's picture

...this will bring back some memories!

markallenhart's picture

Love this LP! My fascination with ELO began with Strange Magic, continued with A New World's Record and then I got this LP!!! Awesome... One of the best things about my current vinyl collection and I'd love to add this new pressing to it. :)

J0ey54's picture

The Jungle

StivVid's picture

I used to have a few of these titles back in the glory days. They'd bring back some great memories. Hope I win.

thecharlah's picture

One of my all-time favorite albums.

jrhud's picture

don't want it

Audiomutt's picture

Yes I will take it and play it...

audiom's picture

I would like this very much.

mikerr's picture

Love me do

mikerr's picture

Love me do

mikerr's picture

Love me do

nwAudio2's picture

This would make me and my turntable very happy.

Nuz1's picture

Happy Holidays!!

usmc4671's picture

Fingers crossed!!!!! :-)

xyzip's picture

yes of course

gz00's picture

my ticket to the moon

Stewart R. Hedgepeth Jr.'s picture

Best album

fortheloveofvinyl's picture

Put me in

wgapel's picture

Fingers crossed

jamesk's picture

Happy Holidays. Got a gap in my collection to fill and you are the ones to make it happen.

ToeJam's picture

I listened to this on 8 track hundreds of times when it was new. Great memories and fun times!

bigmike7844's picture

Count me in.

ken10254's picture

Would love to have a good copy of this!!

zimaguy's picture

A terrific band that started out on United Artists Records and they’ve created some fantastic music over the years...

They formed their own record label, JET Records and then moved over to Epic/CBS Records.

It would be great to win their new remastered “;Out of the Blue” LP as I have the original vinyl of this album.

Marc in Rhod Island

CouryT's picture

I’m hoping it sounds better than my original copy!

Bob.lehman's picture

And I'd like to own it once again!

tkozakis's picture

Count me in~!

Makokc's picture

I love this album......

failynn's picture

Kuka kula hoo la lay.

jrsanko's picture

Yes Please

pjcnad's picture

yes thanks

bquisp's picture

Love it!

Catcher10's picture

I still spin my original copy. My TT and cartridge would be happy, happy to play a new copy.

jwrobinson31's picture

Great album. My favorite ELO

steve.cramer's picture

I love this album. ELO is so great.

trimordial's picture

I've loved ELO for many years!

elinktom's picture

Great orchestration with an electric violin.

RetiredinSD's picture

Happy Holidays and please enter me in. Thanks!

willdao's picture

I still have the original vinyl; it would be fun to compare!

zaustin3's picture

Would love to have this to compare with my original vinyl

sgibson389's picture

CD was stellar and I would expect the vinyl to be no exception.

5PARK5's picture

My first arena concert. Mesmerizing and memorable!

wordherder62's picture

I was just thinking about this group the other day and remembering just how much I enjoyed them long ago. Would be fun to listen again!

mrvalve's picture

Such fun music to listen to!