AXPONA Coverage Resumes: Clarisys Audio USA, Convergent Audio Technology, Black Path Audio, and Essential Sound Products

In the Nirvana C ballroom, Nguyen Phuong of Clarisys Audio USA played his range of Clarisys Audio Panels, of which the smaller Minuet panel had so impressed me at the recent Florida International Audio Expo.

The Clarisys range included the Clarisys Piccolo (TBA), Clarisys Minuet ($46,000/pair), Clarisys Studio Plus ($66,000/pair), Clarisys Auditorium ($180,000/pair), the debut Clarisys Auditorium Plus ($146,000/pair), and Active Crossover ACN400 ($22,500).

The speakers, made in Vietnam, "offer unique features such as double-sided bass ribbons, neodymium magnet structures, and top-quality crossover parts built from solid aluminum blocks," according to their website.

Sources included an Audio Arrow Capitol Classic CD player ($6000 in 2000), VPI HW40 turntable ($22,000), and a Van Den Hul Crimson cart ($5000).

Amplification included the CAT SL 1 Legend aGS Extreme preamp ($99,995), CAT The Statement AGS Extreme power amplifier ($249,990/pair), CAT JL7SE Extreme power amplifier ($74,999/pair), and CAT JL5LE aGS Extreme power amplifier ($34,995/pair).

Black Path Cables and Essential Sound Products supplied cabling, power cords, and power distributors.

Streaming music I didn’t recognize through the smaller Piccolo panels, the system cast one of the largest sound fields at the show, with tremendous speed and retrieval of ambient detail.

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Those Clarisys Divas look great.

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Someone's copied the old Apogee's, should sound good and last if built right

Cheers George