Audio Physic Virgo loudspeaker Follow-Up, June 1999

Mikey wrote again about the Virgo in June 1999 (Vol.22 No.6):

Despite my Sonus Faber Amati ravings, my long-term reference, the Audio Physic Virgo, need not apologize for its performance. It is still a very special loudspeaker. The proof is that Audio Physic has had a difficult time selling the excellent $10k/pair Avanti, which is priced between the Virgo and the $19,000/pair Caldera. (From what I've heard of the Caldera, I find it inexplicable that this speaker is still placed in Class B in Stereophile's "Recommended Components" rather than Class A.) The Virgo is that good.

Compared to the Virgo, the Amati offers lower apparent distortion and resolves low-level dynamic contrasts far better than the Virgo, and better than any dynamic speaker I've heard. The Amati's rich, pure midrange causes a sensual meltdown the Teutonic-sounding Virgo can't approach, and the Italian speaker has fewer cabinet colorations—particularly in the midbass. The Sonus Faber's senses of "touch," of emotional communication, overwhelm the Virgo—and every other speaker I've heard.

The Virgo does offer greater "slam," "physicality," and (at least in my room) disappears more effectively, leaving a bigger, more open soundstage. A few visitors have concluded that while they were moved by the Amati's ability to touch their hearts, they still prefer the Virgo's "balls."—Michael Fremer