Tice R-4 TPT & Coherence ElectroTec EP-C "Clocks"

Lars recently received a device that looks and works like a $25 digital alarm clock and is said to subtly improve the overall sound of one's system. It's the ElectroTec EP-C, from a company called Coherence Industries.

You plug it in and it's supposed to improve the conductivity of your household electrical system—have a "smoothing effect" on the motion of electrons so there is less chaos...less anarchy! More to come as I try to digest all of this. (As you can see, I'm getting into what seems to be Auntie Enid Lumley or Peter W. Belt territory, and over my head. Possibly out of my mind.)

Well, wouldn't you know? Lars had one of these "alarm clocks" sent to me, I plugged it in, and, of course, I didn't want to hear that the sound of my system has improved because I don't want to spend what would be $495 at retail for what is ostensibly nothing more than a $25 alarm clock. That's right—$5 short of $500 bucks retail. Isn't this technology grand? It lets you sell what seems to be a $25 digital alarm clock for 16 times more money? Of course, there's supposed to be a special, proprietary microprocessor inside.

Well, wouldn't you know it, my system never has sounded better. Is it because my AudioQuest Quartz Hyperlitz interconnect has been burning in? Because the Krell SBP-16X processor is sounding better and better? The Krell KSP-7B preamp? Or is the ElectroTec EP-C having some beneficial effect? Is this why I now find the music more natural, less artificial, more free of strain? The Swede is having his sweet revenge for all those yokes at his expense—yustice at last!—Sam Tellig