Tice R-4 TPT & Coherence ElectroTec EP-C "Clocks" Manufacturer's Comment

Tice TPT Clock: Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: I am writing this letter in an effort to correct and clarify much of the rumors and misinformation surrounding the Tice TPT Clock. Unfortunately, many audiophiles accept assumptions and misinformation as fact without question. I think it's time to set the record straight.

To understand the TPT Clock it must be broken down into two distinct entities. The first is the technology called TPT (Tice Pulse Technology), and the second is the storage medium, which is the clock. The relationship between TPT (the technology) and the storage medium (the clock) is exactly the same as the relationship between music and recording tape. The clock without the TPT instruction installed in it is nothing more than a nice LED clock.

For those people who claim to hear big improvements when plugging in untreated off-the-shelf clocks, I commend you on your imagination. As absurd as it may seem, we did conduct blind listening tests using untreated clocks. Our listeners were asked to identify when the untreated clock was plugged in. The results were, as expected, no better than random chance would allow. You would be amazed how quickly opinions change when the blindfolds come out.

Another misconception is the idea that our TPT-treated clock will in some way look different inside when compared to an untreated off-the-shelf clock. The TPT treatment takes place at a molecular level which is not visible to the naked eye. Would anyone question whether music can be stored on tape or CD just because you can't see it with the naked eye?

TPT is a very versatile technology. We could have installed our TPT instruction into many other storage mediums. We chose the clock for one reason: low cost. The TPT treatment machines are extremely expensive to build and operate. We wanted TPT to be something everyone could afford. We honestly, and perhaps foolishly, believed our products would be appreciated more for their sonic value than their aesthetic value, especially when you consider the TPT Clock retails for $350! We were very disappointed to learn from our dealers that audiophile acceptance would be much higher had we installed TPT into an expensive aluminum or wood case and sold it for twice the price.

It is our hope that products will be judged on their merits and not on erroneous assumptions and misinformation. We would also like to disassociate ourselves from any other company or companies attempting to sell similar-looking products.

We at Tice Audio will continue to bring new technology to the audio industry, products based on innovation and science, not magic!—George R. Tice, Tice Audio Products