Rhapsody Out West: Alsyvox Botticelli, Pilium, Taiko, Esoteric, and Vyda

As indicative of the New York / West Coast melting pot, internationalism was the bottom line in a system assembled by Bob Vineyard, proprietor of Rhapsody Out West's Portland, Oregon showroom: Pilium from Greece, Taiko from Holland, Alsyvox and Vyda from Italy, Esoteric from Japan–all brands available from Bob Visintainer's Rhapsody Audio in NewYork and his five in-home satellite dealerships located in key cities across the US.

In Vineyard's room, showgoers encountered an eye-catching system headlined by Alsyvox Botticelli speakers ($100,000/pair) with "X" external crossovers ($36,000/pair). Amplification was the Pilium Achilles amplifier ($50,000) and the two-piece Alexander preamplifier ($50,000). Add the Taiko Extreme music server ($30,000), Esoteric K-03XD CD/SACD/DAC ($15,000) and the hardly insubstantial Vyda Orion cabling and you have quite a system: The amp alone weighs more than 250lb, and each speaker weighs 333lb excluding the external crossovers. I quite enjoyed the sound of this system on Quadro Nuevo's "Mocca Swing" and a 16/44.1 file of JJ Cale's "Magnolia."

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Pretty sure AlsyVox is a Spanish company, not Italian. The designer (founder?) is Italian, as are the product names. But their headquarters & manufacturing are have always been based in Valencia Spain.

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I failed, but I tried. "Our designer is an Italian Aerospace Engineer, so Italian Design is a natural consequence.

"Our speakers are made by hand with love, using exclusive and patented design. All critical parts are made by us, the other parts are sourced from the best worldwide suppliers, typically aesthetical parts are made in Italy, electrical parts are made in Germany, everything is assembled, carefully tested and signed by our chief engineer in our laboratories in Spain."

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"I quite enjoyed the sound of this system"
On a c.$300K system, it's difficult to read your comment as anything other than damning with faint praise.

As always, YMMV.

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Wonder how they compare against Magnepan 20.7 or 30.7.

agreed with the above, faint praise.