Joseph Audio Pearl Graphene Loudspeakers, Doshi Audio Electronics, and Cardas Cabling = Bliss

Is it possible that two of the best-sounding rooms at the show could be on the same floor? You know the answer.

It takes a superb system to hold its own against Bending Wave's powerhouse. Yet Jeff Joseph's considerably more financially modest undertaking wooed over one show attendee after the other. Opinions were unanimous amongst those I spoke with. If Bending Wave's set-up didn't walk away with Best of Show, this system did. If there were other contenders for Top Two, I regretfully missed them.

First, the components:
• Joseph Audio Pearl Graphene loudspeakers ($44,999/pair; right in photo). Supplied courtesy of Josh Meredith and Angela Cardas Meredith.
• Doshi Audio Evolution Series monoblocks ($44,900/pair)—see our cover story review.
• Doshi Audio Evolution Series line preamplifier ($19,900) and tape preamplifier ($19,900).
• Cardas Clear, Clear Beyond, and Clear Network cabling.
• Technics RS 1500 reel-to-reel.

Violinist Midori's tone was to die for on Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor from her Live at Carnegie Hall CD. I felt I was in the third row at a concert when Jeff played Ray Brown's "The Real Blues." Again, tonalities were beautiful, and the modest degree of warmth ideal for the music. Finally, when Jeff played Joni Mitchell's 2004 re-record of "Both Sides Now," I thought my heart would tear in pieces. Despite a bit of bass booming in a narrow frequency band, this system touched my heart like only one other—you already know which it was—at the show.

The Pearl Graphene's designer, a suitably masked Jeff Joseph, holds forth.

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The Pearl Graphene's two 8" aluminum woofers, 7" magnesium / graphene midrange, and 1" Sonatex dome tweeter with Hexadyn magnet array together have a frequency response of 25Hz-20kHz +/-2dB. Impedance is 8ohms nominal, dipping to 6ohms. Internal cabling is by Cardas.