Essential Sound Products (ESP) cables deliver more than the essentials

Since 1995, Michael Griffin's Essential Sound Products (ESP) has focused on manufacturing quality power cables for audiophiles. Then, starting with its Music Cord, Michael began manufacturing cords for musicians and recording studios. Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz, for example, use ESP power cables in their recording projects.

Different construction is essential for different uses. For audiophiles, for example, ESP features solid conductors. But solid conductors are not the best for professional musicians who constantly plug and unplug cables as they haul them from place to place. All cables, regardless of construction, are UL-approved. Michael challenged me to find audiophile power cables that carry UL certification.

We don't usually list prices of cabling in show reports because typing everything out would take hours on end. But in this case, since Michael typed everything out, I can do a simple copy and paste.

Heard in the CAT room:
(NEW) The Essence Renaissance, 1.5m with standard plug and C-13 connector = $4999
(NEW) The Essence Renaissance Power Distributor with 2m hard-wired power cord = $7499
Eloquence power cord, 1.5m with standard plug and C-13 connector = $19,999
Eloquence Power Distributor with 2m hard-wired power cord = $24999

In addition, Essential Sound Products had a static display (pictured) of all power cord models including:
MusicCord (2) = $199
MusicCord-PRO (2m, includes Victor Wooten and Gerald Veasley signature models) = $249
MusicCord ES (1.5m) = $499
MusicCord-PRO ES (1.5m) = $999
The Essence Reference-II (1.5m) = $2499