VAC's ultimate statement of its ultimate Statement amplifiers joins Von Schweikert Ultra 7 speakers and more

"Who would be crazy enough to exhibit these speakers in a 60' x 65' room?" asked Von Schweikert designer Leif Erickson (left in photo, with VAC's Kevin Hayes) as he cozied up next to me. Given what I was seeing and hearing, in the company of audiophile and the owner of the late Art Dudley's Altec Flamencos, Bob Lichtenberg, craziness seemed beside the point.

We began with a QSound classic, Roger Waters' "A Perfect Sense, Pt. 1." If it wasn't QSound, then I share in the purported craziness, because the all-encompassing, full and warm sound was coming at me from three sides of the room. Fun for days. Next came you know who's "Take 5," with just a mite of room-induced bass muddiness in a presentation that valued ultimate smoothness over ultimate color saturation. A selection from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, I believe on LP, reinforced impressions of the system's non-fatiguing excellence.

Heard: four VAC Statement 452 iQ amplifiers ($75,000/each), one VAC Statement phono preamplifier ($80,000) mated to a Statement line preamplifier (also $80,000), the show debut of attractive Von Schweikert Ultra 7 speakers ($180,000/pair), two Von Schweikert Shockwave 12 subwoofers ($15,000/each), Esoteric KI Grandioso CD/SACD player ($31,000), Lampizator Horizon DAC ($50,000), Aurender W20SE music server/streamer/renderer ($25,000), and Kronos Pro turntable ($51,000) with Hana Umami Red cartridge ($3900).

As my Yiddische mama might have said, "Only $3900? Vut a bargain!"

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"What a punim!!" Here's to Yiddische mamas everywhere!