Margules Amplifiers and Raidho Speakers Shine at PAF

In a room that better suited Margules electronics than the room at the 2022 Long Beach show, and with smaller Raidho TD3.2 loudspeakers ($70,000/pair) replacing the 3.8s used there, Margules electronics delivered an extremely pleasing sound with a lively but non-edgy top. The all-male a cappella rendition of "These Bones Will Rise Again"—I believe they rose in Long Beach as well—joined another resurrected oldie, the silly "Jazz Variants" from the O-Zone Percussion Group, to showcase how successfully these tube components reproduce deep bass and high-pitched percussion.

For color, we turned to Henry Mancini's Theme from The Pink Panther. As much as I felt naked without a martini in my hand, I felt the rush of beautiful colors that I associate with Margules electronics. Successful showcase? Absolutely.

Doing the rest of the honors: Margules U-280SC 30th Anniversary Special Edition, 25Wpc (in triode), class-A amplifier ($10,000, above), Margules SF220 Special Edition class-A preamplifier ($7,000), and a prototype Margules Music Server ($TBD). All AC power cords and power distribution blocks were by RSX Tech, and the other cabling was by Shunyata.

Margules is distributed in the US by AV Luxury Group International.