Peter McGrath at The Audio Salon in Santa Monica Saturday

On Saturday, April 27, Join Wilson Audio's Peter McGrath for an evening of music at The Audio Salon, 2525 Michigan Ave (Gallery F1) Santa Monica, California, from 1-8 PM. McGrath will be presenting the WAMM Master Chronosonic loudspeakers with the WAMM Master Subsonic subwoofers.

The system will also feature: a Data Conversion Systems Ltd (dCS) Vivaldi Digital System; Dan D'Agostino/Master Audio Systems new HD Momentum Preamplifier and Relentless Monoblock Amplifiers; Transparent Audio Opus Cables; HRS VXR Audio Stands. A wide variety of music will be presented, including McGrath's very own personal recordings unheard anywhere else. To reserve a spot, contact Maier Shadi by email or by phone, at, 310.863.0863.

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The happiest of birthdays to Peter Mc Grath. May there be many, many more.

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These loudspeakers seem to be as contraption-like as the ungainly and awkward 1980ish WAMM Monstrosities. The Levinson HQD System seemed elegant by comparison.

Is this horror actually costing $750,000 ? It looks frightening, like any car with it's painted sheet metal exterior removed by a body shop after a crash.

This is definitely a Basement Man Cave type purchase. ( or maybe a purpose build Garage Conversion )

Mrs. Wilson needs to get to work on appearances, or simply offer a purple shroud to drape over it's Gigantic Girths.

Tony in Michigan

ps. but then again, Tube Gear designers are presenting Electronics with the Tubes sticking up out of holes in the tops of Chassis. Maybe the ugly raw look has now become a "de jour" thing.

ps. This Pair of devices will hold Two Records:

Most Ugly, by a wide margin !


Most Expensive, by a wide margin !

With the new Magnepan Ribbon being the Most Beautiful by a Wide Margin and the Least expensive by a wide margin. Like choosing between Donald and AOC.

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Dear Tony,

I am so hurt by that you fact that you have chosen to post your full frontal assault on the birthday of Peter Mc Grath, who cried uncontrollably at the death of his dear friend Dave, that I cannot remain silent. I cannot begin to tell you how angry your post makes me feel. To show this much disrespect for the magnum opus of one of high-end audio's greatest, kindest, and most loved speaker designers is beyond the pall. To tell his dear wife, who buried her beloved husband less than a year ago, that she should drape a purple shroud over what he believed was his greatest achievement leaves me aghast.

It's one thing to criticize a product after spending a long time listening to it under controlled conditions; it's quite another to condemn in absolute terms something that you have neither seen nor heard in person, without any concern for the consequences. That you have been doing so with increasing frequency over the past few months, thereby setting the tone for many of the posts that follow yours, is simply unacceptable.

I would greatly appreciate if you would, at the least, apologize for your thoughtlessness. After that, I would like to see you pledge to stop shooting from the hip, and instead reflect on what you can say that will not hurt people. If you find yourself unwilling or unable to do either of those things, I, for one, would urge you to look in the mirror, pretend that you are the recipient of your missives, read them back to yourself, and see if they make you feel as bad as they make me feel.


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You certainly over reacted to Tony's comment Jason. Tony did not denigrate any individuals. He only criticised the speakers.
Your overly emotional stern response was not warranted.

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I'm actually a fan of MQA but I know funny when I see it and your upside down MQA logo is FUNNY! Well done & cheers! - Charles

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Sigh... It's amateur hour in the comment section. Both of you. A fine mess... Tony gets extra points (the kind you don't want) for tedium.

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What is Hero Worship ?

What importance or significance is Birthday ?

Dave Wilson's Great Accomplishment is a Business, his greatest result are his Children.

Loudspeakers are not the measure of a man, no matter how good or how defective, if they were than Omar Bose would be the greatest man ever.

I have know a hundred Dave Wilson type men. I have seen thousands of devices they've designed and manufactured. None would/should rise to "Hero Diety" including: JFK ( whom I met ) Henry Ford, Ben Franklin, FDR and certainly not Ron Reagan.

Commenting on these loudspeakers isn't critiquing Dave Wilson, he didn't make these things, he might have listened to them but his Son is the guy that is responsible for this production, the craftsmen at the Wilson Shop are the ones that made these devices.

Dave Willson's legacy is intact, he was a good man. ( for the most part ). I knew Dave Wilson.

This other person's Birthday is of no significance to me or anyone else. ( probably ) Is he soliciting Birthday adulations ? Is this little magazine article a Birthday present from someone at Stereophile? If so, I don't approve but it's not my place to approve or disapprove.

Birthdays ( for me ) conjure up the image of John the Baptist's head on a Platter, for a Governor's Wife as a present. I've had plenty of birthdays, they are overrated . Yet, I won't attempt to Impose my norms on anyone else, especially you.

You are not responsible for how people feel.

You should not require people to have feelings that align with yours.

Controlling the limits of intellectual narrative is developing an "Animal Farm".

Tony in Michigan

ps. Is Dave Wilson your God?

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Intellectual narrative? Self-delusion hath no limits.

Anton's picture

I think you’ve lost a step.

The Magnepan commercial was well placed, though.

tonykaz's picture

I'm bashing Fossil now-a-days. I'm maturing. ( or aging )

Tony in Michigan

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"beyond the pall" Was that intended as a pun or a slip of the tongue?

Nothing new can be said about these speakers that either increases or decreases how polarizing they are to people. Maybe some day I'll have the opportunity to hear them.

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

I could pretend that it was a (clever or not so) pun, but it was a mistake. Regardless, I am appalled at the indiscriminate way opinions are dispensed.

Alas, there are few opportunities to hear the WAMMs. They're anything but portable, and few will be manufactured. I wanted very much to hear them in a different setting than the Wilson living room, which I found to be extremely damped, but the timing, so close to Munich, as well as the logistics make it impossible for me to fly to LA. And when a prototype pair was very briefly in Seattle, I was working elsewhere.

I hope you do have the opportunity to hear them someday, and then share your experience.

Anton's picture

It’s a new Game of Thrones episode tomorrow night, so I can understand this slip up!


Meant in good humor only, not trying to ruin Melania’s 49th birthday (the 26th) or Ace Freley’s 67th birthday today!

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

You have scored a major point for that one. Please advance one step closer to the throne.

On closer inspection, did you mean Ace Frehley? After consultation with the judges, we are sorry to inform you that your point has been reversed.

Anton's picture

To me, hearing those Wilsons is like checking out an F-1 race: I’ll never own the vehicle but very interested in its performance!

Cheers, Jason!

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I own Wilson Products, I'm not in any way angry with or about Wilson.

I see this as Business analysis. It's nuts & bolts. It isn't personal.

I'm watching our beautiful little Artisan Industry/Community transform itself into the 21st. Century success in providing our progeny with useful music reproduction equipment. I'm hoping it to provide ingredients with decades long usefulness, inheritable Value and universal appeal.

I support, appreciate and even Love the Artisans Creating these Art Objects. I will attack the off-shoring that undermines this lovely group of craftsmen.

I'm one of the Old Men sitting at the City Gate, I'm looking at Audio Industry things the same way that Dave Willson would sit and listen to all the ingredients of his Loudspeakers . ( reportedly )

Delusion is an idiosyncratic belief, symptomatic of a mental disorder. Are you qualified to make that diagnosis ? I'll inquire at my next visit to my medical people, you may be right, or you may be throwing dinner plates.

Tony in Michigan

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...great respect. You have been an overall asset to this forum. If some of your posts fell flat, well, as my late father used to say, "They can't all be gems."

So I add the following on the occasion of your retirement and relocation because I think it's funny, not to be mean or disrespectful:

As Dan Hicks (and his Hot Licks) used to say:

"How can we miss you if you won't go away?"

All the best.

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You're a good person.

Thank you for your comments, especially your considered opinions.

This Stereophile public comments feature brings exciting possibilities, we are regularly having Internationals chatting up ideas like they live across town. Previously ( 1950s & 1960s ) we might've had Ham Radio with it's iffy atmospherics.

I've got early detected lung Cancer, sleeping in wait. It's being watched for sudden awakening. Till then, I'm fighting to prevent a Yellow vest Revolution from Burning down all our lives.

Audio is my pleasant friend, traveling companion & Social Outlet.

Fingers crossed from here on out.

Tony in transit

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My deepest respect and best wishes for your health. I am a doctor sincerely involved in the life and circumstances of my patients and as such connected to their needs and emotions.
I apologize for my comments in another section of this forum. God gives you strength and positive encouragement to continue enjoying your life. Sincerely,

tonykaz's picture

I felt your comments were & are valid. No need for apology.

I often return to my abrasive posts to edit and soften. I cringe at some of the things I've blurted out. At times I've re-edited so many times that Editors freeze me from further re-phraising as I hunt for just the right wordings. Even then: I've earned many folks disapproval.

Thank you for your healing work.

Tony in transit

ps. Every poster here has an important point of view to express, our little democracy embraces all and lets the discussions flow. This is the place that Stereophile allows "us" to be Reviewers of all things Audio ( with the occasional mention of un-mentionables )

ps. JGH, JA and now JCA are our Franklin, Jefferson, Maddison founding fathers ( sort of ). We could never have this without these guys.

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I am not happy with this comment thread. It does not show people at their best. There is nothing wrong with criticizing Wilson (or any other) speakers, or with suggesting that the Chronosonics are too expensive. The problem comes when such comments cross over into personal attacks. There's also nothing wrong with preferring to buy American equipment instead of Chinese equipment--but there is something wrong with attacking a culture. Tony, be careful. You may prefer a certain aesthetic--but that doesn't require deriding those who prefer a different aesthetic. At the risk of coming off as patronizing, I'll say this: Come on people, raise your game. You can do better. This is a fun hobby, and there's room for a wide range of beliefs. There's room for tubes and transistors, large speakers and small, high and low-efficiency, monster transistor amps and flea-watt SETs. Lighten up, be respectful, and have fun. Or else. ;-) Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
tonykaz's picture

Tony in Michigan

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Your words from a recent thread on Stereophile:
" I'm moving to Florida and disconnecting from all Internet.
I'm off-the-air for the rest of the year, probably"
I confess that I am (as apparently many others) tired of yours "I sold equipment before Jesus Christ, the Chinese products blah blah blah, I met xxxx and rubbed my elbows with him, PS Audio and Magnepan are the musical panacea...
Hopefully the airs of Florida will clarify the false overestimation of your ideas ...

tonykaz's picture

The populace of this Nation is about to make the most profound decision in it's history. I'll be working for a good outcome from these moments forward.

This format has let me practice the art of writing points of view in a area I am familiar with. ( perhaps, barely familiar )

The contraversies in Audio are quite easy to identify , beginning way back with DACs and MQA. These were interesting discussions to participate in. ( especially since I'm not having I side to take )

Domestic Artisans vs. Corporate Outsourcing. Phew, I'm always going to be on the side of our locals. ( and complain about gear that will be worthless after a year of ownership ) However outfits like Cayin are Asian Artisan ( one of the exceptions )

My Audio history includes being Active in HighEnd Audio for a period of time, I did know the Important people of that day. You may have missed out of that critical time in Audio's formative Years.

I'm happy to identify people who've maintained high integrity thru the decades, like Paul McGowan. ( and JA for that matter )

There are people I don't read. No person has to read my scribbles. Don't like me? , move on. I'm not attempting to be popular. I'm not asking for money. I'm not asking for approval or applause. I'm stating an opinion that is no more or less valid than your opinion.

We together will be doomed when we loose our rights of free expression.


Tony in Michigan

ps. I'm here on Stereophile because Stereophile might be the finest magazine on the Planet. Can we discover a better monthly covering any subject? I haven't been able to!

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It's been hijacked.

Indydan's picture

The comments section is much better since the disappearance (ban?) of Dale Thorn. Tony is ok; you just need to take him a bit tongue in cheek.

tonykaz's picture

How about a few grains of salt ?

I'll supply it with free delivery

Tony in Michigan

halloweenjack's picture

I used to deal bullhorns in aught 6, upper peninsula!

Folks, this is Viagra for some limp old floor salesman (no offense - been there, a lot)

I used to think TinM et al were avatars for Stereophile writers to keep things stirred up, but, seriously; you let these weeping willows post? At some point it's no one's fault but yours.

Solarophile's picture

Clearly you write with much tongue in cheek and pounds of salt.

You do raise an important point about the fact that the interpersonal relationship between magazine reviewers and these company representatives seem a bit too tight.

What's this about birthday wishes? Why does a magazine writer have to defend against negative opinions about the gigantic WAMMs?

How are audiophile magazine writers able to produce product reviews that could be critical of Wilson loudspeakers if there is such emotional connection to Dave Wilson or his products? "Magnum opus", really???

Indydan's picture

Well said.

Lorton's picture

You are kidding right?
SP is clearly not capable of being “critical of Wilson”.
Just look at the Yvette loudspeaker review. It does not take a genius to see how poorly they measure, yet, not even a peep from the one who should know better...

JHL's picture

Good work, Jim. I've seen the bad drive out the good all over the audio high end and I've come to resent it. Great hifi is a transporter; a time machine. Recreated sound can be transcendent.

Bad commentary - generally from absolutists with no known appreciation of the art of the science of fine audio, which in Wilson's case well extends to function over form - have overwhelmed too much of the current discourse. Call it the curse of the Internet; an inevitable manifestation of simple human nature, only abbreviated, distilled, and mainlined.

I enjoy Tony's remarks - he's a talented commenter. I appeal to our better instincts to address the subject respectfully, as if addressing an audience of smart, perceptive friends, which we should be. The common sport of bashing Wilson over at Stereophile for perceived status classism, materials and styling, or a damn line on a chart isn't just counter-productive. It's revealing.

Wilson is one of the pinnacle marques of the high end, and I say this from the vantage of decades of experience with the hardware myself. Not grasping this stature - and how and why it came to be - says something.

rt66indierock's picture

It is going to to take until 2021 for the changes you want. People are adjusting to thinking for themselves in the high end audio world. I am actually pleased with the progress since 2016 but there is still a lot work to do.

NeilS's picture

No comment on how these speakers sound or where they're made, how much they cost or even whose birthday this is, but judging by the picture, I couldn't help wondering if Optimus Prime is missing his legs.

Anton's picture

They also remind me of the machine Ripley used to fight that first Alien.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

WAMM will 'transform' the way we listen to music ........ so ....... :-) .......

Solarophile's picture

As per my comment above about relationships with the industry (Wilson particularly), I see your reference speakers at home are Wilson Alexa 2's and prior to that for years you were using the original Alexa.

Perhaps you have commented on this already. But I am curious whether these speakers were purchased at typical street price, or did you get a discount on these, or were the speakers on some kind of loan?

Important disclosures I think when we see comments like yours above relating to Wilson, their spokespeople, and your reverence for their products.


Venere's picture

Is that the sound of crickets I hear? This thread has been a sad commentary on the audiophile "society", but I did find this last question quite relevant. I see this trend in almost all audio review outlets, both in print and online. The same reviewers reviewing products from the same brands, over and over again. Often the same brand that they "own" at home. Sure, they own those products because they like them, but one has to wonder if they are truly fit to perform an objective review of yet another project from their favorite brand. Which of course makes the question of how they acquired those components relevant. A bit cynical perhaps, but still relevant.

JHL's picture

More than 'a bit cynical'.

Indydan's picture

To the answer to this question. If one is forthcoming...

Anton's picture

The first rule of Reviewer Club is to NEVER utter the actual price paid for a reviewer purchase.

The first sub-rule of a reviewer’s defense against divulging this sort of inquiry is making the usual leap into automotive reviews and opining that car reviewers never tell, so why should audio reviewers?

I think the audio press believes that transparency regarding that aspect of the process would bring about the audio apocalypse.

I’m usually agnostic about it, but when someone claims a piece of gear offers value or is ‘affordable,’ those adjectives lose their ‘value’ to me as an audio press consumer.

A 25,000 dollar piece of gear being called a ‘value’ by someone who doesn’t really take part in paying for said value doesn’t sway me when it’s coming from the vantage point of someone who doesn’t face the true price or the same prices readers face in acquiring said gear.

I will thank people in advance for not using rule #2 in the Defense of Reviewing gear: I’m not jealous, I just favor accuracy and transparency.

No acrimony intended, it’s just an odd rule of the industry that must involve a blood oath and death sentence if it is ever violated. I can live with it and won’t ‘cancel my subscription,’ but it colors my interpretation when someone talks value/affordability.

Solarophile's picture

I'm not surprised that it has been 'crickets' so far.

As a reviewer, perhaps better to keep one's mouth shut and let them think you're biased than open your mouth and remove all doubt?

For the record, the Wilson Alexa 2 retails for about $58,000 back in 2017. Just a year's wages over $25,000 for many people in this world. Maybe that's good 'value'.

tonykaz's picture

for their stream of semi-permanent Loaners, including fuel, insurance and Wash.

Additional benefits for "Advocates" include Air Fare & Accommodations.

Industrial types, like my Peers, describe our Admiring Writers as "Journasaurases" from how they behave at the Banquet Tables put out at Product Releases.

Auto Industry PR Staff consider every review to be a "Paid for Review" where the typical writer will be issued a list of "Important" points that "MUST" be included in reviewed descriptives. The PR Staff will actually do the Writing of the Review, if the Writer fell asleep from excess 25 year Single Malt.

Tony in transit

ps. TTAC -- the Truth about Cars is an accurate source of Automotive information.

ps. Alex Dykes is an un-paid, non-Advocate, dead-on Accurate Automotive Reviewer. Alex is the finest reviewer I've ever read or seen. Alex can't be bought!

ps. Tyll Herstens is also a person of the Highest Integrity, he brought Steve G to the headphone community because Steve G is equally high in integrity. Birds of the Feather, Flock together

tonykaz's picture

FCC has approved 1,500 Starlink Satellites at altitude of 550 kilometers. Starlink will provide Satellite Internet "across the Globe".

Which extrapolates out as : Audio Gear will need to download Satellite music streaming.

Looks like all new gear purchasing. ( a series of "New & Improved" versions )

Tony in transit

tonykaz's picture

Tesla Cars are designed and built to have 1,000,000 mile life spans!

That 1 million miles includes battery life !!

The typical General Motors Car is designed to be an 11 year durable good. ( 110,000 miles if oil is changed on schedule )

German Cars are designed and marketed ( in Germany only ) as lifetime ownership with the Manufacturer promising lifetime support. ( they mean what they say ) In USA, German Cars are far too expensive to maintain, assuring a rather short Fleet Lifespan average.

Asian Cars are designed and built to be 16 year durable Goods which easily explains why Americans fell so deeply in love with them. Even Asia Bashing me owns a Asian Car ( wife's Kia Soul which both my wife and I feel is the finest car we've ever owned ). Asian cars will routinely go well past 300,000 miles before the final eBay sale to parts buyers.

A million mile car is a milestone !

Tony in transit

tonykaz's picture

Bernie has 3 X more cash on hand than the entire Combined DNC !!, all of it from us citizens.

Tony in transit

Solarophile's picture

Fine smoke screen Tony but JVS does need to answer for the way he spoke about Wilson equipment which seems to be anything but impartial. It's one thing to advertise an event at a dealership, but the apparent need to ingratiate with birthday wishes and comments about "how angry your post makes me feel" clearly is over the top and lacking in journalistic impartiality.

Enjoy Florida.

tonykaz's picture

Thank you for being there, I admire your insights.

I didn't intend to "corner" anyone. ( Sometimes people corner themselves )

I'll take care to be reasonable and understanding. ( and frequently fail )

I'd hoped to not cause Mr.JCA grief. ( or JA ) ( yet I nearly always do )

Now-a-days, our greatly enhanced Communication System has given the traditionally voiceless an enabling and powerful ability to present & share valuable life altering insights and summaries. We can now redress "Our" concerns instead of accepting Platitudes.

Stereophile Leadership and Readership are as acute a group as any Board of Directors I've addressed. These readership are the sharper knives in the drawer. I encourage the "Speaking of Minds" & being right as well as being wrong. Sounding out feelings and concerns will build a better world.

We all Win.

I love this place.

Tony in transit

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I've just deleted several comments from this thread and edited others--mostly to remove political content, but one I removed because it was personally defamatory (from an anonymous poster, no less). Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
JHL's picture

I'd like to see you edit out more, Jim, and do so as a site-wide policy. The bad drive out the good...

tonykaz's picture

Tyll Hersten came to Stereophile in early 2011, I met him in the Fall of 2011. At the time I didn't notice or care that he was under Stereophile's Umbrella. Tyll isn't a Charismatic, he was flat-out Outstanding. When Tyll retired in 2018, 7 years later, I felt that he left a Vacuum in Audio Journalism, it felt like a nearly complete vacuum. Did the headphone community feel shocked ?, like I felt.


I miss Tyll, he left a hole, Tyll was a sum of the best of Stereophile's Staff. He handled wild & rowdy Headphoners like the Ranch Boss handles youngn's. ( hand's on )

I just had a refresher read of Tyll's very first report, on PX200 Headphones, Mar 2011 where he introduces himself, his last 20 year history, his children, step children & wife. I started crying like he was a person I lost. I felt a deep sadness. He's gone. I miss him.

Tyll retired in October 2018.

The Stereophile that was home for Tyll was then brilliant and continues to be brilliant but Stereophile lacks the vibrant "Peanut" gallery commenters that made Tyll's World so dam exciting. Maybe it's something to do with the "Wide Open Spaces" & "Big Sky" that lets the young healthy bucks run kinda wild. Ole Tyll would slap em down, occasionally, but no permanent harm or Scaring was ever done by anyone. All of the headphone world seemed rather wild : Innerfidelty, HeadFi and the other Pirate styled guys that would throw around accusations. It was the Wild West. Tyll was "the Man" .

Going from Tyll's very first PX200 Reporting to the Last Retirement farewell gesture will live on to be the Greatest Set of audiophile Journalisms. ( I'm predicting ) .

We ( certainly ) now have rising Stars : Steve G, JCA, HR, Stoddard, McGowan and others. We won't have another Tyll. Tyll pulled his hand out of the bucket of water and the water didn't fill the emptiness. It won't fill the emptiness of the others now departed.

Like Dave Wilson

Tony in transit

dalethorn's picture

I loaned Tyll a couple of headphones to get him started in 2011. I even posted some of my reviews in his forum, until he decided that they were getting too much attention and he removed them.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

It is savoir-vivre (good life) to be an audiophile ........

"Good life" ........... OneRepublic :-) .........

michaelavorgna's picture

tonykaz's picture

This looks like a comedic Actor, is that what it is? Part of a SNL sketch ?

Can he speak ? , is this a mime ? What is he gasping about ? Has someone just stabbed him ?

How is this a summing ?

Pictures say a thousand words, this one gapes accusingly at us the readership-commenters, suggesting hubris from a white shirt & tie middle age Banker near Wall Street on late winter day before Bonuses are dispersed, say'n : Go*Da*YOU !

I hope I'm wrong, he don't look like any audiophile I've ever seen.

Tony in transit

michaelavorgna's picture

...can be great fun while revealing more about the interpreter than the image.

Michael Lavorgna
Editor, Twittering Machines

tonykaz's picture

Psychoanalysis, is that it ?

Self diagnosis therapy ?

It seems to speak from a presumed "higher Authority" impunity with judgmental scrutiny.

We'll need a white noise machine to proceed further.

i accept Blue Cross or Cash payments at time of appointments .

Tony in transit

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Godzilla ...... Godzilla :-) .........

Robin Landseadel's picture

Too bad I can't "like" this.

volvic's picture

Still think about it and it's been over 30 years since I saw it. What good cinema and hi-fi for that matter should do.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

'Pod People' ....... 'Pod People' ......... 'They are coming' :-) ...........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Shark ....... Shark :-) .......

Bogolu Haranath's picture

E.T. ....... E.T. .........

"E.T. phone home" :-) ..........

"E.T. go home" :-) .........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

It's alive ....... It's alive ..... :-) ........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

"You are fired" ........ :-) ..........

cgh's picture

tonykaz's picture

how is Body Snatchers relevant?

I'm guessing cartoonish is relevant expression, in some way, for some people, for some reason. It could explain the exaggerated tattooing people need.

Will we have featured reviews using this type of expression ? or just satire from a surprised & speechless observer ?

Sutherland specialized in Comedic Satire, by a Socially Clumsy Misfit.

Can I have a sprinkle of Salt, for my Tongue in Cheek ?

tony in transit

cgh's picture

Tony, this latest detour reminds me of the highly obscure book Rorschach Audio.

“Engaging”, “Packed with interest” – Times Literary Supplement
“Amiable… idiosyncratic… very intriguing” – Art Monthly
“Wonderfully argued” – The Quietus
“Fascinates” – Mojo Magazine

The earliest form of sound recording technology was not a machine but was written language…

What are the connections between Leonardo da Vinci and Dick Whittington, between the BBC Monitoring Service and punk band The Clash, between wartime military intelligence work, visual arts theory, battle management systems, Spiritualism, radio and recording technology and criminal witness testimony?

What role do JG Ballard, Osama bin Laden, William Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, Richard Dawkins, Jean Genet, Adolf Hitler, William Hogarth, Victor Hugo, Joe Meek, Pope Pius XII, Primo Levi, proto-Surrealist writer Raymond Roussel, teenage criminal Derek Bentley, Sigmund Freud and crystallographer Louis Albert Necker play in the disentangling of mysteries of human perception?

Rorschach Audio is a work of contemporary cultural scholarship and an exploration of the art and science of psychoacoustic ambiguities. Part detective story, part artistic and cultural critique, Rorschach Audio lifts the lid on an array of fascinating and under-examined perceptual and political phenomena.

Rorschach Audio is essential reading for everyone interested in air-traffic control, anechoic chambers, artificial oxygen carriers, audio art, bell-ringing, cocktail parties, cognitive science, communications interference, compost, the death penalty, Electronic Voice Phenomena, evangelism, evolutionary biology, experimental music, ghosts, the historiography of art, illusions of sound and illusions of language, lip-reading jokes, nuclear blast craters, predictive texting, singing hair, sonic archives, sound design, steam trains, tinnitus, the Turing Test, Victorian blood painting, visual depth and space perception, ultrasonic visual music, ventriloquism, voices and warehouse fires and robberies.

tonykaz's picture

It's not Obscure, is it ?

I don't own it, haven't read it.

I've heard ( pun ) that it's about Psychodiagnostic methods for personality analysis. Sounds ( again, unintended pun ) fascinating for a nice read before Sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico each evening.

People expressing divergent points of view are foundational to improving optimization and necessary catalysts for a Visual World.

Thank you,

Tony in transit

tonykaz's picture

In this Comment section, under a Wilson Subject sprang up a rising voice of "OBJECTION your Honor" to our Editor!

These individual voices mildly complain about the Wilson "Prevailing Narrative" .

They feel a bit of anger it seems, they'll direct it at me with my quirky bashings. I don't mind one bit, in fact, I invite it by responding to them with understanding. I'm a dam good target that is Soooo Large I'm hard to miss.

The underlying current of discontent seems to come from stagnating wages and rising prices.

People need to vent ! I'm opening the valves .

Tony in transit

Indydan's picture

Has seriously jumped the shark. I wonder if Jim Austin knew that the job of SP Editor, includes moderating comments. He must lose 10 hours a week just for this task.

Somewhere JA is laughing and having a beer with his new found leisure time...

tonykaz's picture

This Comments group are Abner Milquetoasts compared to any headphone or YouTube Editorial Comments section.

This Group ( especially YOU ) are polite gentlemen presenting fascinating points of view.

This is a Super Group !

JA, JCA and Staff keep this an Intellectual endeavor.

It don't get better than this right here !

It's a Yankee Styled "Town Hall", just like the good old days.

I miss dalethorn and spacehound along with a whole range of the lads that frequented Tyll's peanut gallery.

Tony in transit

dalethorn's picture

Tyll never offered me anything in return for the help I gave him, but John Atkinson offered me a headphone blog right here on Stereophile's forums, so all of my 150+ reviews could be moved into that blog. I turned him down, only because the forum software would not report the views for each review individually within the blog, as it did when each review was posted separately to the headphone forum. At that time, I had about 600 thousand views and it was growing quickly. Tyll canceled me early on at Innerfidelity, because my reviews posted to his forum were getting more views than his.

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When I used to travel on business decades ago, I would often visit high-end audio stores to demo equipment. I had the chance opportunity to meet Marc Andreessen [then of Netscape] and his wife at a Palo Alto audio store. He ended up purchasing some Levinson electronics and the WATT [only] from Wilson Audio. Since he demoed the entire Watt/Puppy system I remember thinking "that stand alone Watt is going to deliver some tilted treble". I didn't know why I recognized him until his wife pointed out that I must have seen them on the front cover of People Magazine [which was the day before while getting my oil changed in Connecticut].
After Marc completed his listening session I went into the main listening room to hear the Watt/Puppy. I don't recall what revision it was save for it was prior to the V. Something about it made me uncomfortable but I couldn't put my finger on it. Then three guys came in to the room and listened to a song and immediately one of them, being quite annoyed, replied that he felt a pressure from the speakers. That was it! I too felt a pressure but couldn't put my finger on it. The salesman didn't have an explanation for it and the guy who identified it was insisting to his two colleagues that he felt it and was uncomfortable with it.
It bothered me too but unless that guy said something it probably would have remained a subconscious annoyance that I might have forgotten about after leaving the room. I was fortunate enough to have spent time with John Dunlavy visiting his facility some months later where I mentioned my experience to him. His immediate response was that this was an effect of the woofers and the midrange being wired out of phase. I have heard this phenomenon in the Watt/Puppy ever since. Connecting the woofer and midrange out of phase with each other seems to be a common thread in many of the Wilson designs. Has no one else heard this room lock-like pressure? I am surprised it has never been identified in any reviews...

Rich from Connecticut

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Repeating what I said above, obviously DC polarity is not AC phase. Only AC phase is AC phase - we are talking about hearing, right? - and DC polarity is invisibly convolved and inaudible within the multiway speaker's inter-driver transfer functions, meaning its crossover-dominated behaviors.

Look at the amplitude response and especially the step function. If a driver or drivers were "out of phase", which at AC none are, then according to this popular notion about phase, it'd show nulls in the amplitude and breaks in the time step. It doesn't, which means that AC is both in-phase and intentionally so and DC polarity is irrelevant per se.

Demonstrating this would require nothing more than a graphical cumulative phase response to accompany the amplitude response. Stereophile doesn't publish phase, presumably because it's been rendered irrelevant by current trends in popular sentiment. But it's assuredly not because a driver at AC output can somehow be anti-phase to the loudspeaker its in just because of how it's DC polarity is configured.

The late great Dunlavy notwithstanding - his extraordinary 1st order designs required "in-phase" positive polarity driver hookups because that's the way 1st order systems sum to flat - bass reflex output is more out-of-phase than any polarity wiring that presumably afflicts a driver in any even moderately well-designed multiway speaker, meaning every speaker with anything other than sharp nulls in the transitions between drivers.

What you heard or felt was not pressure (another DC phenomenon) but the precisely and properly rendered stereophonic effect from two powerful loudspeakers. The well-tuned speaker - which with few exceptions laboratory-flat designs rarely are - reproduces vivid stereo effects from two widely-spaced matching systems playing at the same time. Since recording technique varies from compact microphone trees to enormous multi-mike mixes, and since ears are not nine feet apart, some variations in playback can and must occur. This is not pressure, and a Wilson is no more capable of DC pressurization when issuing AC energy than any other loudspeaker. And loudspeakers don't do DC.

The out-of-phase driver notion is not a bad sentiment; it just doesn't work the way we might at first assume it does.

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Just curious ....... It is the DC that flows through the speakers, right? ........ Where does the AC comes into play? :-) .........

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Some designers "get it right" first time out, some by the Second Revision : Schiit, some need 5 revisions or more and still don't get it right : Bill Z Johnson at ARC.

LS3/5a lives with no revision.

Manufacturer's Marketing people love "New & Improved".

General Motors Sold our ElectroMotive Division because Locomotives are purchased and rarely traded-in, there is no "New & Improved" version.

The "Revision" business is good business.


The revised version is not necessarily an improvement but it will usually be revealed by Press to have important flaws corrected. ( flaws that were originally understated or undetected ).

We should include that we-ourselves are improving, shouldn't we?

Audio gear has been on a significant up-ward quality curve yet some vintage designs still seem end-game, like 33.3, EL34 amplifiers, Class A amplifiers, Planer Loudspeakers, Quad 57, ROLEX Diver Watches, four color printing. ( and my favorite transducer example : Sennheiser HD580 headphone )

Tony in transit

ps. Civilization has been revising since Agriculture began feeding Cities reliably ( 10,000 years ago ) our latest Version : Capitalism, seems needing a revision to correct it's cyclic nature of causing predictable depression patterns. USA is about to issue another "New & Improved" version. ( I'm hoping )

ps. Stereophile lately has both worsened ( Tyll retiring ) and Improved by picking up JCA without loosing JA. Is today's level up, down or same ? Tyll wasn't replaceable, a major loss.
With Steve G on Sterephile's unofficial advisory board I'm feeling Stereophile is Trending up,up, up! Stereophile is a Classic that doesn't seem to need Revision. I'll suggest that Stereophile has become "The" Prominent Audiophile Institution with the attending responsibility of maintaining Institutional Integrity and Stability.

Ortofan's picture

... how do you account for the 11 ohm and 15 ohm models?

tonykaz's picture

Good Catch.

Variations of the LS3/5a were not allowed. Period

Now, that wasn't my Law, it was the BBC licensing the Manufacture of the most popular Audiophile Loudspeaker Ever!! Everybody seems to have know about it and subsequently made their own variations : Linn KANN ( I sold hundreds of pairs of these, they were better ) , KEF R101 ( sold these too ) all the other variations including the JR149s, ProAc Tablette ( my all time favorite, now on it's 10th Revision ). People will peel my skin off for saying that the Quad 63 was nearly identical to these small loudspeakers but it was. I sold hundreds of Quad 63s until they stripped the Multi Voltage Switch out of the UK versions I was Shipping to the States by British Air/BOAC.

If you've got any of these small loudspeakers you own END Game Audiophile Loudspeakers.

For instance: Thiel CS3 full range loudspeakers had the LS3/5a drivers as tweeter & midrange. Jim Thiel built the LS3/5a into his finest design.

Tony in transit

ps. it was this very Loudspeaker that I purchased, brought back to our GM Research Laboratory that flabbergasted GM Engineering Staff where I Subsequently formed B&K Imports to bring Brit.Gear to the States by Container full, promising and delivering one week old, Factory Fresh Stock, FREE Overnight Shipping to every purchaser. We Turned Over 100% of our inventory EVERY WEEK!!! 52 Turns per year. JVCarr was our Import Broker Detroit Metro DTW was our Hub. Audio Magazine & Laura Lovechio were our ONLY Advertisings.

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Genelec 8020-D active speakers have similar size woofers and tweeters as ProAc Tablette speakers ....... Genelecs cost less than $1,200/pair :-) ........

tonykaz's picture

Genelec 8020s a,b,c,d all of em

Even has matching Subwoofer

Great Design, made in Europe, sold Globally, dominates the Pro Market.

Every ProAudio retailer offer All of the Genelec Range, even B&H Camera.

Generic present superlatives in every way.

The Mastering Engineers are the ONLY ones that don't particularly like or rely on Genelecs . Audiophile reviewers go for the cheaper Brands of Active Mini-monitors.

Genelec is considered to be on the more "Expensive" side of Pro Audio Monitors.

Genetics are rugged enough to be used and handled by Road Band "Sound" guys.

Seems like every recording studio has Genelec Gear. You'll see them everywhere in the Pro world.

I was selling ProAc tabletts for $375 Pair. Now they're $2,500 pair.

Tony in transit

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Another line of active speakers are Dynaudio Focus XD 20, 30 and 60 ........ Prices range from $6,000/pair to $16,000/pair ......... Twittering Machines just published a review of Focus XD 30 :-) ..........

tonykaz's picture

Prices go up, wages stay at 1980 levels.

Dynaudio can go up to $100,000

Tony in transit

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True ....... Dynaudio passive reference speakers go up to $100,000/pair or more:-) ..........

Anton's picture

Once the manufacturers discovered the Veblen aspects of audio, we have seen prices far outpace inflation, etc...

JA talked about the price/event horizon, but the vast majority of the audio press has severe Stockholm Syndrome regarding pricing and 'identifying with the aggressor.'

If anyone missed it, it was an "As We See It" by JA in the last year or two.

I admit to being an audiophile who stops reading show reports after certain price points. A large portion of the hobby has already gone past my fiscal event horizon.

In defense of those who think a grounding scheme device can be worth 5 figures, there are those who 'know' that these prices correlate with benefit (so long as they know the price and brand name in advance). If that's what it takes to get them off, I will not stand in their way...or anywhere within Louis CK distance of them. ;-D

Remember the "Sensible Sound?" RIP. For magazines that list "Best 100K+ speakers," the band plays on.

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Anton wrote:
JA talked about the price/event horizon, but the vast majority of the audio press has severe Stockholm Syndrome regarding pricing and 'identifying with the aggressor.'

If anyone missed it, it was an "As We See It" by JA in the last year or two.

It was in the February 2017 issue: In that essay I wrote "If all someone is offered is a $150,000 pair of speakers—let alone speakers priced at a quarter-million bucks—that person will walk away from this hobby, or build his or her system by buying only used equipment. Either consumer choice turns the price spiral into a death spiral for manufacturers."

John Atkinson
Technical Editor, Stereophile

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May be you (JA1) could review the new versions of Dynaudio Focus XD active speakers? ....... There is a good chance the top model XD-60 could make it to the Stereophile Class-A full range speakers list ...... Appox. price I believe is $16,000/pair :-) ..........

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There are already plenty of websites that review active speakers. Let Stereophile review passive speakers and the rest of the big boy stuff.

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Used gear is valuable because it enables our "First" Owners an assured liquidity, for Up-grading .

Where would NY Audio Dealers be without Dave Wassermann & stereo Exchange 212-505-1111 ? Dave bought 100% of our Trade-ins.

Further : A new General Motors Car is expected to have purchasers every two years.

1.) New Car purchase or Lease

2.) Second owner - 2 year old Car Still on Warrantee

3.) buying a very nice used 4 yr. old car with NO Warrantee

4.) Forth buyer -- Great Value for Money 6 yr. old car. some rust

5.) Fifth Buyer -- buying at 20% of New retail. stinky ashtray, tear in seat, cracks in windshield

6.) 6th Buyer is a Part time minimum wage earner, working at Walmart

7.) 7th Buyer is the Junk Yard or eBay parts seller

The Used Gear Industry is probably 3 times,( maybe 6 times bigger ) than the New Gear Business. Take a quick look at eBays Sold Listings for audio Gear.

Tony in transit

ps. I just sold a pristine EICO vintage tube Integrated stereo amp with original tubes, in near perfect condition for about $500.00
All vintage Audio gear is valuable, even SS 30 watt JVC receivers.

Indydan's picture

Active speakers. That and naming songs for no reason.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

There are several passive speakers Stereophile has already reviewed in the XD-60 price range that are in the Stereophile Class-A and Class-B ratings ........... Some examples ........ Wilson Sabrina, Revel Ultima Studio2, Paradigm Persona, Monitor Audio Platinum, DeVore 0/96 and GibbonX, Joseph Audio Perspective, Quad ESL, etc. ........ There are several more .........
Active Kii THREE (without BXT subwoofers) is in this price range and was reviewed by Stereophile ........

I have already suggested Stereophile to review passive Yamaha NS-5000 and Cube Audio Nenuphar speakers in this price range, in these Stereophile forums :-) ............

Mark Eisen's picture

The USA is the only market in the world where the Yamaha NS-5000, sold since 2015 or 2016 beginning in Japan, is not available, thus no reviews here yet. There are reviews in Asia, Australia and Europe, all very positive. Not sure what Yamaha USA's official line is now. It was "no plans at this time to sell them here" but I have also heard from other reliable sources the speakers will be available "later this year".

Bogolu Haranath's picture

They are discriminating against US Yankees, and treating US as second class citizens :-) .........

Mark Eisen's picture

The only reason I have heard is they had to change something in the speaker for environmental reasons, possibly because of California Proposition 65, but thst's a guess. I've gone online to look at the Yamaha factory in Indonesia where they build the speakers and it's possible they wanted to make sure the factory could meet worldwide demand because if the speakers take off in the USA, that might swamp their production capability. The new 3000 and 5000 lines are made there too I believe. The $15k speaker price point is very crowded. That could factor in as well.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

True ...... The $15k speaker market has some very stiff competition indeed, as I mentioned above ....... Survival of the fittest :-) .........

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"LS3/5a lives with no revision."

The LS3/5a circa mid-1970's came with these statements: "Recommended minimum power 25 (or 50? - don't remember) watts per channel." -- "Maximum power handling 25 (....) watts per channel."

And the dealer I got them from had two blown speakers already.

tonykaz's picture


It helps to see and understand that our Audiophile hobby has an affordable availability being Clearly demonstrated by some of our Higher Authorities like HR & Steve G.

My consistent anguishes :

no 1) is that our Local Audio Artisans are fighting Off-Shore, Slave Labor based attacks, often with the seeming support of our international Audiophile press.

No 2 ) is that proper Vinyl 33.3 Playback Systems are being presented as the only path to Audiophile levels of satisfaction and that proper Vinyl playback gear approaching New Car price levels is being recommended. ( like that mono phono cartridge for $12,000 )


Stereophile presents answers to curious questionings, useful opinions, introductions of people and products ( like Tom O'keefe & Sugden ), has diverse writers like R.Schryer in Canada, rather consistent points of views and a vibrant Comments Section participation by accomplished Educated Intellectuals from all walks of life.

I have the "feeling" that we Audiophile participants put significant Trust in the Staff that JA built over these last decades. ( for the most part ). I suspect that JCA is filling JA's shoes and then some.... I see Stereophile's Trajectory increasing.

Stereophile's greatness arises from the greatness of the partnering readership it attracts and the Hobby it validates. Stereophile's Editors are Deans not Guru's.

Tony in transit

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Way to recover from not knowing it was someone's birthday! ;-D

Kudos on that!

Hi Fi, like wine, offers fiscal incentives to enhance one's social signalling in an effort to portray the delicacy of one's tastes and perceptions. Woe unto he who doesn't hear what he's told to hear!

We've seen the same Veblen direction in wine that we have seen in audio. The inflation curves for both have outstripped any hope I had of my income keeping pace. No more "high end" for me in either camp! What were once vices are now abstractions.

The nice part about chatting cars is that people don't poo poo lap speeds or other performance data as not being indicative of how that object actually performs.

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I would like to wish happy birthday to Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, 4 years old today, May 2nd :-) .......

tonykaz's picture

What do birfdays have to do with any of this?


Is that Sarcasm ?

Tony in transit

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If you spend 20 minutes scrolling back up to the top of the comment section you will find the Post that Started It All, and your apparently ill-considered reply concerning Wilson Audio's products' inherent beauty (or lack thereof).

JHL's picture

Audio guys lecturing the unwashed on the current speaker amplitude and dispersion obsession is like car guys bench-racing horsepower and torque curves. Because who really needs a European supercar or a Long Beach Bugatti when you can motor-swap a $1500 Mazda repainted in a garage.

Fortunately both camps selflessly keep the world safe from impending personal enjoyment - and Unapproved Pricing - a gift they bestow with a characteristic graceful humility.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Also, today May 2nd 2019 will be recorded in the history books as the day when a committee member brought 'fried chicken' to a Congressional hearing ........ He actually ate some of that fried chicken and shared some of that chicken with his fellow members, who also ate that chicken at that hearing :-) ........

dalethorn's picture

As a sight gag, it was as good as any in recent memory. Unfortunately, for those who look under the covers, building humor on a non-sequitur is a fail.

Indydan's picture

A troll post.

dalethorn's picture

Sayeth the troll.

Anton's picture

I am so hurt that you have chosen to post your full frontal assault on the 83rd birthday of James Brown, who cried uncontrollably at the death of his dear friend Bobby Byrd, that I cannot remain silent.

I cannot begin to tell you how angry your post makes me feel. To show this much disrespect for the undisputed king of soul and funk music's greatest, most stylish, and most loved vocalists is beyond the pall.

Words fail me.

Why are you dipshits posting political invective on a Hi Fi website?

Take it to your home site:

Bogolu Haranath's picture

FYI ...... James Brown died in 2006 and Bobby Byrd died in 2007, according to Wikipedia :-) ........

Anton's picture

Thank you for that fine demonstration of Bernoulli's principle!
And, Google thanks you for using them!


Bogolu Haranath's picture

Also, FYI ...... Bernuolli's principle deals with hydrodynamics, according to Wikipedia :-) .........

Anton's picture

Worth your time!

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Bernoulli started out with 'hydrodynamics' ........ Wikipedia says, so .......... The NASA website also says that :-) .........

Anton's picture

“It started out...?”

It applies to aerodynamics, my genius friend.

Keep trying.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

From what I read in that NASA paper (article), it appears that both Isaac Newton and Bernoulli helped to define the 'aerodynamics' ........ Newton's laws of motion and gravity and, Bernoulli's paper on 'hydro (fluid) dynamics' (lift) helped with defining the 'aerodynamics' and principles of flight :-) .........

Anton's picture

I though maybe you were going to say that Newton's study of gravity only applied to apples.

Cheers, mate!

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Seems like we both are right :-) .........

'How do you like them, apples?' :-) ...........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

May be Bernoulli was an audiophile ......... he talks about 'fluid dynamics' :-) .........

Bogolu Haranath's picture

BTW ...... If anybody is interested, they can read about 'principles of flight' in Wikipedia :-) ........

There is more than one way to fly :-) ............

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My older cousins in Akron OH where I grew up, knew Alan Freed when he starting playing the R&B 78's on WAKR radio circa 1950. By the time I was a teen, those cousins were telling me that James Brown's Live At The Apollo was the greatest record ever recorded.

Not the greatest soul or funk or whatever record, but the greatest record period. I have it.

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I may have opened this discussions but I didn't start it .

I described who started it all in 1985ish. I knew those people and I was one of their Dealers.

Lately, some unknown Wilson person decided to price point at $750,000 and limit the offering to 50. This is a Marketing Test to see how much dinero can be collected. ( my opinion ) Maybe the very Last One ( No.50 ) will be offered for $1,500,000. It's the Modern Art Sales Concept. I didn't invent it, I don't encourage it and I don't like it. ( Not that I have any say in the matter or should have any say )

Modern Art features creations equally as ugly as these Monstrosities ( MY Opinion ). At Art events, Billionaires like Eli Broad spend incredible amounts of money on garish stuff like this. ( My Opinion ).

It's a safe assumption that no regular visitor of Stereophile will ever hear this creation nor will their design likely revolutionize Home Audio in some way. Gigantic is all about Ego?, isnt it ? hmm.

20 minutes of Reading... well I'm hoping that all the above skilled writers inspire people, like it did you. Your voice is important.

Thanks for reporting that it's 20 minutes worth of reading. You reading it is one of the nice things you might say to these above Writers.

I give you a thumbs up

Tony in transit

dalethorn's picture

I haven't spent big on audio since the 70's, but here in the 21st century I've accumulated more than a few things from botique stores such as Leica and Louis Vuitton, and those are my best examples to compare from. In the former case, you can buy one of the finest (if not *the* finest) personal cameras in the world for less than the price of a Toyota Camry, i.e. the Leica S3. In the latter case, you can buy numerous items for less than the price of the car, and when you feel like being extravagant, there are esoteric collectibles like the Vivienne Doll to be had.

My opinion of the gear featured here is it represents great sonics plus a mixture of other pleasures, such as being able to share the sonic and aesthetic experience with family, friends, and neighbors. But even moreso, the educational opportunity to walk it backwards and understand where it all came from and the thinking of the legends who brought it into existence. I still to this day would like to find a sponsor to build a completely mechanical-acoustical recording and playback system using state of the art materials and technologies, to see how much fidelity can be achieved without electronics. With enough money, I think it would surprise and astonish even hardcore audiophiles, and valuable lessons would be learned as well.

tonykaz's picture

Someone attacked Left Leaning NPR watchers calling them maroons.

Can anyone define maroons ? is it an off red color? seems like it.

NPR is Centrist not Left Leaning. NPR is Corporate not Independent. NPR honors Left & Right Leaders.

How does this accuser, Climate denier justify/rate Ink ?

I'll put this down to Stereophile trying to be Balanced in a World of strong Polarity. ( geographically speaking, the North Pole is Shifting in a Southernly direction, all directions are South from the North Pole )

Political Bomb Trowing & Accusations are the primary strategy of groups with no Platforms.

Just today, all Mandated Safety Regimens and regulations have Officially been Abandoned for Oil Drilling Platforms by the White House.

Tony in transit

dalethorn's picture

Speaking of oil and NPR, you must be aware that NPR has been known for decades as National Petroleum Radio. Today you may choose to refer to them as Centrist, but Cokie Roberts put it better as "Friendly Fascism". And that's no assurance that they'll stay friendly to Americans, or ever be friendly to outsiders.

tonykaz's picture

I've never followed NPR.

I was a BBC type guy and Canadian Broadcasting but never was any sort of customer of Commercial Broadcasting in the USA. I was around when TV was launched, just after WW11, promising but never living up to any sort of greatness. TV manufacturers Consent for a Price.

Tony in transit

tonykaz's picture

I'm getting the feelings of impending doom.

I'm reading that banishments are coming,

Berlioz "March to the Scaffolds" might be recommended & appropriate Listening.

Bon Voyage & Bon Vivant

Tony embarking for another World

dalethorn's picture

I have no concerns. There are many possibilities, and I hope for the best.

1) The editors will look at the history of the members, and decide based on who instigates personal attacks (rather than who merely defends themself), or who is a bit too preachy on off-topic matters. That's my ideal.

2) The editors will decide that members who "tend to become involved" in off-topic controversies should all be removed, just to keep the peace. Less than ideal, and risks lower quality participation down the line.

I've been on forums where members were banned for conversations that encourage readers to save money and buy non-sponsored products. This happens with portable audio much more than with home and desktop audio. A few forums (thankfully not many) even have "house trolls" to ward off people they don't like. Business is business as they say, and we do have to respect everyone's business model or plan, as long as it's reasonable. But like General Burkhalter famously said "I always yield to the gestapo as long as their requests are reasonable. Fortunately, I've found all of their requests reasonable, no matter how unreasonable they might be."

Jim Austin's picture
I've just deleted dozens of comments. Some were political; most were flames. These won't be tolerated. Banishments are coming. Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
tonykaz's picture

Not being snarky here, will the banishments apply to : Letters to the Editor, printed in the Magazine ?

Tony closing up shop in Michigan in only a few more days.

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Change your address to 'Tony in sunny Florida' ........ That should work ....... Nobody will ever know :-) ..........

tonykaz's picture

You've been great fun, wonderful even.


I'm reading that Banishments are on my horizon, I suspect for violating discussion rules.

US Constitution guarantee free speech. I can't tolerate any person limiting this.

I'll find plenty more exciting venues, perhaps Flying, Hand Tools, Bicycling, Greening of our Power Grid, etc....

Audio gear has been exciting since Tyll at RMAF2011. 21st Century Audio promises thrilling advances in my Spoken direction of personal Music Systems and access to the entire World's body of musical work.

Two great Reviewing Talents are emerging : HR & Steve G.

Managing a Ship the Scale of Stereophile, with endless divergent points of view, will be unnecessarily stressful without JA's occasional Glass of Warm Stout.

See you at the Venice Fl. Drum Circle, for Sunset Ceremonies.

Tony's probably final comment

Bogolu Haranath's picture

Come back Mr. Tony ...... We are all gonna miss you ...... Also, you are gonna miss us all here ........ We are all like an extended family, here :-) .........

rschryer's picture

Sign me up.

Anton's picture

Don’t fall for it!

Tony’s drum circle involves only sitting around criticizing other people’s approach to buying drums and ceaselessly telling them the same stories about his extensive retail drum selling experiences.

His group insists on everybody using digital drum machines and they disdain and despise analog drumming!


Robin Landseadel's picture

I'll bet the 2:00am Sproul Plaza* Saturday Night Djembe circle [that now and then was led by the "Hate Man" {rip} but went on anyway 'til the sun came up, then it got louder] was more entertaining.

*An acoustic anomaly on the UC Berkeley Campus featuring a super-long delay from the slapback off of Zellerbach Hall, about a half a block away, with a massive classroom/administrivia hive another 1/2 a block away in the other direction and plenty of concrete between on the ground.

dalethorn's picture

"US Constitution guarantee free speech. I can't tolerate any person limiting this."

Perhaps you need to expand your thinking. Compared to world-size forums like Twitter and Facebook, who are very busy banning people they simply disagree with, Stereophile is a far narrower focus on Audiophile matters, and Free Speech is a non-sequitur here unless your unpopular opinion on an Audiophile issue were suppressed for no good reason.

Indydan's picture

Enough with your political posts.

Robin Landseadel's picture

"You Have The Right To Free Speech
As Long as You're Not Dumb Enough To Actually Try It."

Joe Strummer/Mick Jones

Anton's picture

Are you required to allow someone into your home and allow them unlimited exercise of their right to free speech?

This is a privately owned forum, limits on free speech are what keep it from being an endless stream of spam ads for boner pills and scam services/products.

Would you have been allowed to toss a person out of your Hi Fi store if he came in and wanted to spend his time shouting about how stupid your products were? Or, would you have acknowledged his constitutional right to free speech and let him set the agenda for your shop?

I appreciate your falling onto the sword of free speech for all, but it ain't true.


Internet rule #6: Anyone posting that something will be his "final comment" is a liar, You'll be back!

See you soon, man!

tonykaz's picture

I suppose, good call, on it's merits.

I'm still shutting down now, as I'm embarking on a complex relocation this Month of May ( originally April 1st. but delayed )

[Edited to remove political content. - ed]

So, see all y'all later-- alligator !

I'll probably be following Audiophiliac on my new iPhone & iPad. with screens so tiny compared to my Large Screen Photo Monitor.

All is well on the home front.

Adios, bon vivant

Tony in transit.

rschryer's picture

is there gonna be analog drumming? :-)

tonykaz's picture

I am 100% analog, always have been and always will be !

I'll be 100% solar for the rest of my life. Is Solar Analog or Digital ? Solar has a waveform and frequency.


for all intents & purposes , Organized Civilization is increasingly Digital for previously Impossible leveraged accomplishments and outcomes. Still, hand building Cars & Airplanes is more efficient and accurate than Robots. Humans outperform Digital Robots.

Musically, digital has a 1,000 times advantage over Traditional Analog Media Storage Systems and Playback Systems.

but or yet :

We have had Analog Computing systems since the 1960s. Industrial designers can offer an ultra efficient Analog Storage System for Music with reading by a Optical Laser.

Digital Won, 33.3 lost in the Global mindset. VPI buyers are the only known holdouts. ( even works of Art went digital like all the Beautiful Brochure Artwork for Koetsu Phono Cartridges and the Advertising Artwork for ClearAudio Record Players ) The Analog Planet guy uses a Digital jiggle Cam for his little videos.

Some folks's Mental Neurons connections ( synapse ) are calibrated for 33.3 and not calibrated for the variations in RedBooks. Once 16/44.1 becomes the 30 year Gold Standard, most people will harmonize with Redbook and hear 33.3 sounding like 78s that Joe Bussard admires. ( Joe Bussard YouTube )

It's about facilitating Global access to anything a person can conjure. Not about limiting access to those extreme wealthy few owning a Moated Library of Rare Limited editions.

Catch a AirBus 320, fly down to Tampa for $65 US, migrate south to the Tropics and resume the Life you had as an Idealistic Youth.

I'll be waiting for you. ( just like Shaw Shank Redemption )

Tony in transit

Solarophile's picture

Tony, you're quite the character!

Stay cool in Florida and hope you have a great time with life as that Idealistic Youth.

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So, is someone implying that reviewers get discounts or even permanent loans on equipment? I can't believe that journalists would do that. It would be unethical. I take offense that this is even implied. In any case, how could a freelancer, or even a site editor, afford such high end equipment on a journalist's salary.

$120,000 turntable setups don't grow on trees, you know. It's beyond the pale to imply that such systems were not purchased with the owner's hard earned money. I think extraordinary insults need to have evidence before they're tossed around.

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"$120,000 turntable setups don't grow on trees, you know."

That's right.

They grow off the blood and sweat of low-class minions such as myself, subsidizing the audiostyles of the rich and famous.

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