JBL 18Ti loudspeaker Test Procedure

Sidebar 1: Test Procedure

The JBLs were substituted for the Celestion SL600s in my usual system of Krell KSA-50 power amplifier, Audio Research SP-10 II preamp, CAL Tempest II and Meridian MCD Pro CD players, and Koetsu Red/SME V/Linn Sondek LP player mounted on a Torlyte stand. (At the end of the listening period, I substituted a 1987 Linn/Ittok combination fitted with the new composite armboard and the new Linn Troika cartridge, the whole sitting on a Sound Organization table.)

Interconnect was Monster Interlink Reference A, and Monster M1 speaker cable was used for all speakers. The loudspeakers were carefully positioned for optimum performance, and either Heybrook metal-frame or Celestion/Foundation lead/sand-filled metal-pillar stands were used to raise the speakers to the appropriate heights. The stands were spiked to couple vibrations to the tile-on-concrete floor beneath the rug.—John Atkinson

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Excellent review- JA
how can I get a copy of your HFN/RR test disc?
You may send me a PM here- fantja@gmail.com

Thank You!

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Hi, John! I am not an audiophile, but a casual music listener...I liked the Soundboks-2 but it is very expensive. Could you please recommend me a loudspeaker under $300 range?

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Thanks for this review. these speakers have a sentimental value for me, but it's nice to see how they rate with recent sensibilities.