Fisher 500-C vintage stereo receiver Specifications

Sidebar 5: Specifications

Description: Two-channel FM receiver. Tube complement: seven 12AX7 (phono, tone control, phase inverter stages); four 7591 (output stage), 6HA5, 6HR6, two 6CW4, three 6AU6/EF94 (tuner stages). Output power 30Wpc at 0.7% harmonic distortion (14.8dBW) into 8 ohms from 8 ohm tap, 75Wpc "total music power." Frequency response: 25Hz–25kHz, ±1.5dB. IM distortion (60Hz/7kHz, 4/1) 0.7%. Tuner: IHF FM usable sensitivity: 1.8µV. Signal/Noise Ratio: 70dB. Selectivity: 60dB. FM channel separation: 35dB. Power requirements: 105–120V, 50/60Hz. Total power consumed at full output: 235W, 270VA.
Dimensions: 18.5" W by 7.25" H by 15" D (with optional wooden case). Weight: 38 lbs (without wood case).
Serial numbers of units reviewed: 58022S, 62946T, 70630W.
Price: $369 in 1964 ($2325 in 2005 dollars, per Federal Reserve CPI calculator). Approximate number of dealers: none. eBay/Audiogon availability: good (poor, average, good, excellent).
Manufacturer: Fisher Radio Corporation (1964).