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Sound Quality
Well...they're no Porta Pro, that's for sure. Heck, the Apple Earpod is quite a bit better, but it really is one of the best earbuds around. Neither will work as well in bed however. You'd probably end up with your hair all tangle up in the Porta Pro headband; and the Earpods would certainly fall out of your ears easily as you turned over in bed.

The real question is: Are they adequate to the task and not annoyingly poor sounding? In that regard, yes, they'll be fine for most folks who just want to fall asleep to music or watch movies in bed.

When worn loose on the ear, bass response is unsurprisingly near non-existant. They have a fundamentally midrange forward response, but treble roll-off is not excessive—they don't sound muted. Response is fairly even through the midrange and treble; I didn't note any honkiness or harshness. I did get some buzz in the right ear at higher than normal listening levels.

When worn lodged in my concha bowl bass response markedly improved, but I also got an increase in upper midrange response making them somewhat shouty. This impression remained even after time for my brain to accomodate. I think this occurs because of the more sealed off space within the concha bowl causing some resonance.

Going back and forth between the two wearing modes, I eventually decided that I preferred the more bass-light but more even midrange response with the Bedphones resting gently aside the ear. Speech intelligibility was just dandy for movie listening.

On their website, Bedphones claims they can be used in lots of ways other than in bed, but frankly, I'd say there are significantly better sounding headphones for other uses. The Koss Porta Pros or Koss KSC35 with ear clips sound really good at about the same price. And the Apple Earpod at $29 is an outstanding value for a very small, inexpensive portable earphone. So I see the Bedphones real value in its intended use: in bed. There they do seem to work quite well.

Badphones are a dandy little earphone for casual listening in bed. They're comfortable and secure on the head for a night's rest. Build quality is good in many areas, but the driver seems like a weak point. I'd recommend a critical listen upon receipt at elevated levels to ensure you're not getting any buzzing sounds. If you do, make sure to contact Bedphones to arrange a replacement pair soon after purchase.

Ergonomics are surprisingly good; these little earphones are almost unfelt when worn properly in bed. Listening on your side with one ear against the pillow is no problem whatsoever. If you follow Bedphone's wearing instruction and cinch up the cable slider properly they will remain securely on your head and comfortable through the night.

No "Wall of Fame"-er here, but I certainly feel comfortable recommending Bedphones to anyone who wants to wear headphones as they fall asleep. For that, they're a dandy little gadget at a reasonable price. I'll keep my ear out for future versions though, Eric Dubs seems like the kind of guy that's going to keep working on the Bedphone until he can't make it any better. I like cool affordable gadgets...and this one qualifies.

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