Does music help you get to sleep? Bedphones will work just fine! Measurements

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This set of measurements was done with the Bedphones inserted deep into the concha bowl.

Raw frequency response plots show the Bedphones do change in level with repositioning, but tonal response (the overall shape of the curve) seem fairly consistant. Bass response basically falls of at about 6dB/octave below 200Hz. Gently rising response from 300Hz to 1.5kHz is just about right, which probably accounts for the adequately good listening experience. They're getting the bulk of the midrange reproduced with reasonably good tonality.

Above 1.5kHz things begin to go awry. There is no peak at 3.5kHz. There is a significant driver mismatch at 4.2kHz. Seems like the right channel is the problem as THD+noise plots show elevated distortion at 4kHz in the right channel. Response at 6kHz and up is too low, but doesn't drop off completely, and seems fairly even. (Many headphones will show much wider swings in response in this area.)

30Hz square wave response is predictably very bad since there is virtually no bass response. The treble roll-off is echoed in the slow rise time of the 300Hz square wave and Impulse response, but subsequent to the leading edge the waveform exhibits little noise.

Other than the spike at 4kHz in the right channel, the THD+noise plot looks surprisingly good to me. I expected a rise in the bass, but having the 100dB plot remain below the 90dB plot below 100Hz is quite surprising. Distortion through the midrange 100Hz to 3kHz is shockingly good and probably contributes to my impression of the Bedphones sounding perfectly adequate.

Impedance plot shows the primary driver resonance at 250Hz—which is where the bass roll-off begins. There are some slight, but not at all excessive, wiggles in impedance between 2-7kHz, which generally indicated a fairly well-behaved driver.

Isolation with this headphone is not very good measuring only -5dB broadband. With 31mVrms needed to achieve 90dB at the ear, these will play fairly loud from a portable device.

This is a fairly poor set of measurements compared to what's possible with good headphones, but they measure quite a bit better than I had expected given the small size and lack of seal with this product.

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