Celestion SL700 loudspeaker Sam Tellig 1991

Sam Tellig wrote about the Celestion SL700 Special Edition in October 1991 (Vol.14 No.10):

"Maybe you should get a pair of Celestion 700 Special Editions."

It was Brass Ear on the phone with a recommendation.

I had shipped my Spendor S100s to Stereophile. It was time for a change, that's all. Plus, I expected to move into smaller quarters.

"They're right up your alley," said Brass, leading me to suspect immediately that he was trying to sell me his pair.

"I didn't know you had a pair," I told Brass.

"I didn't until last week."

"What are you doing with Celestions? I thought you ordered a pair of Unity Audio Fountainhead Signatures after you heard them at Ben Rose's Harlequin store."

"Oh, those. They're coming next week."

"And you needed a pair of speakers this week."

Brass laughed, but I think it was true. I could name a number of speakers which have spent but a week or two at the Brass Home.

Actually, I didn't buy Brass's Celestions—I bought my own pair. And, as I write, Brass still owns the Celestions although they are out on loan to one of his friends. But what Brass said seemed to make sense.

"You like imaging, right?" queried Brass.


"And smoothness. And detail. And soundstaging."


"And you're too cheap to buy WATT/Puppies."

"You got it."

"Celestions. They're just the ticket for you."

To be continued...

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