Bryston 4B power amplifier 1992 Review System

Sidebar 1: 1992 Review System

The 4B drove a wide variety of loudspeakers, including dynamics (Snell A/IIIs, Bs, and Es), electrostatics (Quad ESL-63/USA Monitors), minimonitors (Sonus Faber Minima), and subwoofers (Quad/Gradient SW-63s). At different times, it was run single-ended and balanced, and used both as the upper-range and subwoofer amplifier in bi-amplified systems.

Reference amplifiers included a Mark Levinson No.27 and a Krell KSA-250. The Quad full-range loudspeaker system was used with its own Gradient crossover unit with balanced interconnects; the Type A/III Improved speakers used a Snell-manufactured outboard electronic crossover with single-ended connectors. Speaker cable included 15' runs of Monster Cable, paralleled runs of Sumiko's OCOS cable, and Levinson HF10C speaker wire. Vinyl discs were played on a Lingo-modified Linn LP-12 turntable with an Ittok tonearm and a Spectral Reference moving-coil cartridge, all fine-tuned by Innovative Audio's Casey McKee. CDs were played on a Krell MD-1 CD turntable connected by a standard coaxial interconnect to a Krell SBP-32X D/A converter. Other sources included a Day-Sequerra FM Reference, Meridian 204 FM stereo tuner/timer, Pioneer F-93 Reference FM tuner, and Quad FM4 FM stereo tuner.

Line-level preamplification was handled by a Krell KBL preamplifier, phono preamplification by a Mark Levinson ML-7 preamplifier with a Duntech/Audio Standards MX-10 head amp. Analog interconnects included AudioQuest LiveWire Topaz interconnect cables and Krell Cogelco balanced leads.

I listened to my favorite classical and rock CDs and LPs, including Glenn Gould's second recording of Bach's Goldberg Variations (Sony IM 37779), and Leopold Stokowski conducting the Chicago Symphony in Shostakovich's Symphony 6 (RCA Red Seal Stereo LP LSC-3133). For kickdrum and guitar, I used Jeff Beck's and Tony Bozzio's "Behind the Veil" (Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop, Epic EK 44313), as well as Richard Thompson's "I Misunderstood" (Rumor and Sigh, CD, Capitol CDP 7 957132).—Larry Greenhill

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What would happen if you take into consideration the Bryston's higher gain? And why it is unfair to have higher gain ?