Benchmark ADC1 USB A/D converter Specifications

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Description: 24-bit A/D converter. Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz. Inputs: 2 balanced analog on XLR; Word Clock on BNC. Outputs: AES/EBU on XLR, two AES/EBU or ADAT-format on BNC, TosLink, USB, Word Clock on BNC. Gain: Fixed at 0, 10, or 20dB; variable. Input sensitivity: –15dBu to +29dBu at 0dBFS. Input impedance: 200k ohms. Maximum amplitude of jitter-induced sidebands with Benchmark UltraLock: <–134dB with 10kHz, 0dBFS test tone and 12.75UI sinusoidal jitter at 1kHz. Frequency response: 2Hz–92kHz, +0/–3dB at 192kHz sample rate; 1Hz–46kHz, +0/–3dB at 96kHz sample rate; 1Hz–23kHz, +0/–3dB at 48kHz sample rate. Passband ripple: ±0.008dB. Channel separation: 105dB at 20kHz, 130dB at 1kHz, 200dB at 20Hz. Signal/noise ref. 0dBFS (+8/–29dBu): 119dB unweighted, 121dB A-weighted. Signal/noise at maximum gain ref. 0dBFS: 108dBA. THD+N (1kHz): –101dB at –1dBFS, –104dB at –3dBFS. Maximum amplitude of spurious tones with 0dBFS test signal: –130dBFS. Maximum amplitude of idle tones: –145dBFS. Power consumption: 16W idle, 20W maximum.
Dimensions: 9.5" (249mm) W by 1.725" (44.5mm) H by 9.33" (237mm) D. Weight: 3.6 lbs (1.6kg). Shipping weight: 7 lbs (3.2kg).
Finishes: Black case with black or silver front panel.
Serial number of unit reviewed: S11380061-0.
Price: $1795. Approximate number of dealers: about 35.
Manufacturer: Benchmark Media Systems, Inc., 5925 Court Street Road, Syracuse, NY 13206-1707. Tel: (800) 262-4675. Fax: (315) 437-8119. Web:

Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.
5925 Court Street Road
Syracuse, NY 13206-1707
(800) 262-4675