Attention Screen Takes Flight at Yamaha The Music (with samples)

Sidebar 1: The Music (with samples)

Attention Screen: Takes Flight at Yamaha Stereophile STPH021-2
Don Fiorino (guitars, lap steel, electric mandolin), Bob Reina (Yamaha AvantGrand N3 electronic piano), Chris Jones (fretless electric bass guitar), Mark Flynn (drums, percussion)

Track Listing

[1] Sleeping Metronomes Lie* 5:45

[2] Ear Topology 11:09

[3] Yamanization 10:04

[4] Inner Dimensional Light 10:24

[5] Carnatic Rhapsody 12:50

[6] 13 Trojans of Vundo 9:52

[7] The Deer and Buffalo God Churches* 9:10

Total Time: 69:14

*Bonus tracks recorded in rehearsal, April 23, 2010; all other tracks recorded in concert, April 24, 2010, and chosen for release on this album by Attention Screen and (via ballot) the audience.

All compositions by Attention Screen © 2011

Attention Screen would like to thank the entire Yamaha Artist Services, Inc. team for their hospitality and for their remarkable musical instrument, the AvantGrand N3.