Alma Music & Audio Showcases YG Acoustics' Ascent Loudspeaker

YG Acoustics' very fine-sounding midrange unit contributed to the lovely sound on YG Acoustics' Ascent loudspeaker ($19,800/pair). Easier to drive than the Colorado company's larger models, it uses the same drivers as in the Carmel and Hailey loudspeakers, but with a new waveguide on the tweeter.

The smaller of two three-way floor-standing loudspeakers in YG's new five-model Peaks series, the Ascent includes thick aluminum front baffles that are precision-machined in-house. Its inch-thick cabinets are sealed, and its crossovers hand-built on circuit boards machined in-house. With a specified 90dB sensitivity, the 120lb speaker boasts a frequency range of 26Hz–40kHz and an average impedance of 4 ohms that dips to 2.5 ohms.

The first album I heard, through Roon software, was Herbie Hancock's The New Standard. It was hard to focus on the "Theme from the Pink Panther" in a room with lots of talking, but the sound was incisive and quick-footed.

Also doing the honors: not-yet-upgraded to MxV status D'Agostino M400 mono amplifiers; an Innuos Statement music server ($16,700); an MSB Select DAC ($115,000); an IsoTek Mosaic Genesis power conditioner; and Kubala-Sosna Realization cabling.