MC Audiotech's New TL-12 Loudspeaker

Mark Conti of Pennsylvania-based MC Audiotech teamed up with Ricky Brown's Hi Fi One and Partners to present the new MC Audiotech TL-12 loudspeaker ($25,000/pair–$29,000/pair depending upon finishes and options). This new two-way loudspeaker features three of MC Audiotech's broadband WBLS-wide band line-source devices on top and, for frequencies below 300Hz, a 12" transmission-line woofer. Specified sensivity is 92dB, nominal impedance 8 ohms, frequency range 28Hz–20kHz, and weight 117lb.

Driving the TL-12 were David Berning Audio's SET Reference 20W ZOTL amplifiers, fed by Steven McCormack SMD Audio VRE 2 "Silver edition" preamp and an EMM DAC2 V.2. Dave Kleinbeck's EnKlein Audio supplied the cables and Nexus Distribution Center.

The high points of this system were its upper midrange and lively top. Both shone on the "William Tell" movement from Shostakovich Symphony No.15 and a Red Book file of music by Malcolm Arnold, sourced from a computer playing JRiver that was hard-wired to the system.