Focal's Vestia No.2 and Naim's Uniti Nova

Focal Naim America mated its Vestia No.2 loudspeaker ($2800/pair), which resides one step up from entry level, with the Naim Uniti Nova 80Wpc integrated amplifier/streamer ($6900). It was a fine match.

First launched at CES 2023, the Vestia No.2 sits between Focal's Theva and Aria lines. The Uniti Nova can process signals up to PCM 32/384 and DSD128 with a wired connection, and 16/44.1 wirelessly. It can also accept files either via USB or on an SD card.

When played at volume appropriate to the room, as opposed to levels that exceed the room's limits, thereby spreading images and smudging detail, the sound was quite fine. A file of Ichika Nito and Marcin on guitar sounded alive on top and mellow in the middle. Ditto for a track by Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.