Loveliness and More from Von Gaylord

It has been too many years since I last encountered Von Gaylord Audio's Ling and Ray Leung of West Sacramento, CA. Celebrating 25 years in business, the couple now sells their equipment direct at half their old prices.

Lovely warmth and excellent transparency distinguished a system that was a joy to listen to. On CDs of The Holly Cole Trio performing "The Tennessee Waltz," Amanda McBroom singing "The Rose," and Three Blind Mice Vol.1 romping through "Aqua Marine," the system acquitted itself wonderfully. The entire range of cello proved captivating, bells had a special delicacy, electric cello sounded gorgeous, percussion was fast and right on, and imaging was superb. Despite playback that was limited to Red Book CD—Ray Leung believes 16/44.1 delivers the best sound—I found myself totally drawn in.

Doing the copious honors:
• Von Gaylord Audio VG-8 MkII loudspeakers ($2900/pair) with 93dB sensitivity and a frequency response of 50Hz–20kHz, ±3dB.
• Von Gaylord The Triode Mono Amps ($6500/pair), a 50Wpc push-pull triode design that uses Psvane KT88 tubes.
• new Von Gaylord Harmony single chassis preamplifier ($5000).
• Cambridge Audio CXC transport.
• Von Gaylord Sweet preamp/converter that plays 16/44.1 ($4500).

When I exited the room, I discovered the third floor hallway filling up with boxes, shipping personnel, and the like. As far as many exhibitors were concerned, 5pm was too late an hour to wait for breakdown. For all intents and purposes, T.H.E. Show had closed.

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Charming room report!