Cake Audio Shows Lansche, Vitus, Kuzma, CAD, and Albedo

In a brand déjà vu with High End by Oz, Ken Boyce's Cake Audio of San Clemente showed Lansche 5.2 "singing flame" loudspeakers with their plasma tweeter ($55,000/pair in either white or piano black), different Vitus components, and Albedo cabling. Room dimension and acoustics were different, of course, but both exhibitors had to cope with the challenges of air walls and sonic bleedthrough.

"Sentimental Reasons" from Glen Frey of the Eagles' After Hours LP sounded quite fine at moderate volume. The midrange was superb, as in seductively beautiful. Perhaps Boyce was in a sentimental mood without his dear doggie at his side because a track from a Melody Gardot CD maintained the sentimental mood. Again, the strength and warmth of the system's midrange won me over.

Doing the honors, from Vitus: Vitus SIA-030 integrated amplifier ($50,000), SCD-025 CD transport/DAC ($30,000), and SP-103 phono preamplifier ($45,000) From Kuzma, the Stabi-R turntable ($8670) and Stogi Reference 3 VTA tonearm ($5825). CAD supplied their DAC ($12,000) and Server ($15,000), Albedo supplied the cabling, and Boyce supplied the good energy.