Added to the Archives This Week

Jonathan Scull asks "What's it take to compete on the bleeding edge of digital?" Apparently more than what's offered by the "large international manufacturing and marketing concerns stalking the earth today." Will the Accuphase DP-100 Super Audio CD transport & DC-101 Digital Processor make the cut? Scull's incisive report reveals all.

Boy, does J-10 get letters. In Fine Tunes #34, he details yet another batch of tips'n'tweaks from "all you Victims of the Musical Quest." Sweet Spot to the rescue.

It's a battle as old as the Edison wax cylinder: consumers want to buy audio products anywhere they want (including mail order), while manufacturers prefer to restrict dealers to specific territories. Into the fray jumps Theta's Evelyn & Neil Sinclair, as they regale us with their take on the issue in Legitimate Dealers Speak Out!. Is mail order "a very depressing trend that, eventually, is likely to kill off the entire audiophile phenomenon"?

Bonus archive addition this week: J-10's Followup notes on the dCS 972 and how it sounds turning audio PCM data into a DSD datastream, which appeared in the February 2001 issue.