Wadia Digital 1000 Decoding Computer Review System

Sidebar 2: Review System

For the bulk of these tests, the Wadia 1000 was installed as part of a system comprising the Apogee Duetta Signature speakers, a Krell KSP-7B preamp, and a bi-amped pair of Krell KSA80s. Custom silver cable was used throughout. References included my customized Cambridge Audio CD1, the Sony DAS-R1, and the Marantz CD12, their performances locked into my continuing primary reference, a well-aligned Accuphase DP80/DC81. For secondary listening, a Pink Triangle PIP II preamp and ARC Classic 30 power amplifier were employed, with Celestion SL700 and Spendor SP2-2 loudspeakers. Swapping the preamps for a passive volume control was less rewarding, for reasons outlined later.

Several digital sources were tried, including R-DAT masters, and players as transports; eg, domestic CD players such as a Philips-Magnavox at the $200 level, a midpriced Sony, and Marantz CD85 (roughly equivalent to a Philips CD880).—Martin Colloms

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