TW-Acustic Raven GT II Turntable, Charisma and Miyajima Cartridges, Horning Aristotle Ellipse PM65 Speakers, Tron-Electric Atlantic Integrated SE amp and Convergence Signature Preamps, Silent Running Audio Scuttle and Ohio XL, etc.

Jeffrey Catalano has come cross-country to exhibit. I missed him at the last show. I simply must go to the High Water Sound room.

As did many others. The word is out that, thanks to his superb, analog-based set-up, Jeffrey almost always gets great sound from his abundant collection of less-than-standard fare LPs. This time was no exception. The sound on Dean Martin Swings (Dean’s first LP) was gorgeous, the man’s smooth midrange conveyed to perfection. Sonics admittedly were dated on the English Chamber Orchestra’s recording of Britten’s Simple Symphony, but this system nailed its liquid beauty and grace. Only a sense of responsibility to Stereophile readers and other manufacturers kept me from staying longer.

Heard: TW-Acustic Raven GT II Turntable ($10,000) with two of the company’s 12” Tonearms ($6000 each), Charisma Audio Signature One ($3800) and Miyajima Labs Infinity Mono ($3375) Cartridges, Horning Hybrid Systems Aristotle Ellipse PM65 Speakers ($18,000/pair), Tron-Electric Atlantic Integrated 300B SE amp ($18,000) and Convergence Signature Stereo ($3250) and Mono ($3250) Preamps, Silent Running Audio Scuttle and Ohio XL, Vibex Alhambra & Granada Power Conditioner and Power Distributor ($5500), Furutech Cabling, and Shun Mook Acoustics Room Tuning.

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Further to your comments, Jason, there was an additional power conditioner, the ADD-Powr Sorcer x4 (made by Coherence Systems) installed in the room. Jeffrey has always enjoyed the sonic magic that it conjures, as do a growing number of listeners, and this instance was no exception.