AirHush Comes Out to T.H.E. Show

After Emiko Carlin of T.H.E. Show basically ordered me to check out AirHush’s display at T.H.E. Show, I spent a few minutes speaking with company CCO Michael Quinby. It turns out that the company’s mass-loaded vinyl ISAT (Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology) systems, initially designed for Pro applications and large recording environments, were being used in the Brooks Berdan room to reduce interactions with the hotel’s sonically dreadful air wall partitions. Some audiophiles use them for noise isolation in condos, especially when they want to turn up the volume on their high-end rigs without driving the neighbors batty. AirHush is currently exploring multiple ways to use their technology as bass traps and in home audio environments. More to come, you can be sure.

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Back in the day, we used to use foam wine crate cells to make sound walls at shows.

This seems to be a more eye pleasing version!

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Decoupled from the reality of structural vibrations transmitted to the little old lady next door. deaf