Egglestonworks Nico speakers; Technics SL-1200G turntable; Bryston Amplifiers 7B3 amplifier, BP17-3 preamplifier, BP-2 MM/MC phonostage, MPS-2 power supply, and BDP-3 digital player; Audience cabling; Target stands

If Scott Walker Audio had staked out a mini-empire on floor 3, Sunny Components of Covina, California, did the same on floor 6. The first room I visited, of the four from Sunil Merchant, included Egglestonworks' 87dB-efficient Nico speakers ($4250/pair), which had not finished breaking in. Nonetheless, wireless Qobuz streams of St. Vincent’s “Smoking Section,” Billy Eilish’s “Hostage,” and a 24/96 file of Kurt Elling & Lee Ritenour’s “River Man” showed the speakers and their Bryston roommates capable of conveying fine, natural, appealing timbres. These speakers are definitely worthy of review, IMNSHO.

I don’t believe I heard the Technics SL-1200G turntable ($3995) or Bryston Amplifier’s BP-2 MM/MC phonostage ($1750) with MPS-2 power supply ($1865), but I certainly enjoyed Bryston’s 7B3 amplifier ($6695), BP17-3 preamplifier ($4495 base price), and BDP-3 digital player ($3995) along with Audience cabling and Target stands.

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Yes ..... The Eggleston Nico speakers are worthy of a review, IMHO :-) .........

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... the new KEF R11 speakers instead of those from Egglestonworks.

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True .... That associated equipment combination is too expensive for those Nico model speakers and, probably the potential buyers of those speakers won't use ........ More appropriate matching would be several of the under $10k integrated amps :-) .........