Legacy Calibre Monitor, Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover/Correction, and Legacy Powerbloc2 Amplifier

On an electric guitar track, the name of which I failed to get, the Legacy Audio Calibre Monitor ($5500/pair) got down, dark, and dirty in a good way while fighting one of the most wicked upper bass room resonances known to humankind. Beyond the nodes, the guitar’s highs were lovely, the midrange fine, and the depiction of voice on Shawn Colvin’s “Killing the Blues” was excellent. The speakers were sounding quite fine, and I trust they will sound better still in a more hospitable space than this narrow corner room in which they were sandwiched, as they have sounded better in other rooms I've experienced. Heard in addition: Legacy Audio Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover/Correction unit ($4,950) and Legacy Powerbloc2 Amplifier ($1,800).