Ayon Epsilon Gen 4 mono amps, Auris preamp, CD35, and S-10, Lumenwhite Kyara Speakers, BBS Audio Racks

I visited three large rooms on the second floor, and all of them suffered from soft, moveable air walls whose porous surfaces and interior reek havoc with soundwaves and let sound bleed between rooms. If a system played at decent levels, which was necessary in the extremely large space sponsored by Ayon Audio, Lumenwhite, BBS Audio Racks, and USA Tube Audio, the results were often noisy and chaotic, rendering a fair sonic assessment of the components in the system impossible.

Here, we heard different Ayon Electronics—Epsilon Gen 4 Mono Amps ($36,000/pair), Auris preamp ($10,500), and S-10 Network Player used solely as the source ($8800)—arrayed on a 3-shelf BBS Audio Rack ($6995) and connected to Lumenwhite Kyara Speakers ($49,900/pair) by entry-level Synergistic Research Core cabling. I left convinced that this system was heard at nowhere near its best.

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WoW - got to clean that ear wax out. We had the 3 day pass, 6 of us went to this show. We visited every room & ballroom. The Ayon/Lumenwhite ballroom was with out a doubt, the best sound of the show. During lunch and visiting other rooms, we spoke with other show goers and I can tell you that Ayon/Lumenwhite was the BUZZ of the show. Everyone I talked to agreed that Ayon was the best, period.