Wells Audio Innamorata II Level II Amplifier and Commander Level III Line Stage, Usher Mini Two Loudspeakers, and Verastarr Cabling

Dragon, Commander, Innamorata . . . did you ever get the feeling that Jeff Wells wants you to know that Wells Audio means business?

Not that you needed to heed the names: The sound was sufficient to let show attendees know that, as with the Esoteric/Von Schweikert system I had just heard, this system excelled in healthy, alive sound that included a fine midrange and a lively shine to the sound. I really enjoyed the sound on a track from JT Coldfire, and sat amazed that an exhibitor not only loved but also chose to play, of his own volition, Luciano Pavarotti's "Una furtiva lagrima."

Yes, the tweeters on the Usher Mini Two loudspeakers ($5200/pair)—speakers that were called into play at the 11th hour after the tweeters on Jeff's own TAD Evolution I floorstanders met an untimely demise—were a bit hot, but on Stanley Turrentine's "Blue Hour," they still managed to demonstrate how well Wells gear can deliver a fine midrange and solid bass. Also heard: Wells Audio Innamorata II Level II amplifier ($15,000), Commander Level III tube line stage ($18,000), prototype "Dragon" tube DAC ($TBD), Looking Glass Reference power conditioner ($6000), and custom acrylic audio rack (NFS). Keeping it all together, Verastarr cabling.

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Innamorata, Italian ....... Translated into English .... Fallen in love :-) .........

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... Carlo Bergonzi.