Stax SR-Lambda Pro Classic headphones System

Sidebar 2: System

Unless otherwise noted, the Stax headphones auditioned here were driven from the analog output of a Krell Reference 64 D/A processor. The transport was a Krell DT-10, connected to the processor by ST optical link with ST sync lock. The interconnects between the processor and headphone interface units were AudioQuest Lapis Hyperlitz, alternated with TARA Labs RSC where noted.

Comparison products included the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 90, the Koss ESP/950, and Sennheiser's own HD-580 driven by the HeadRoom Supreme dedicated headphone amplifier.—Thomas J. Norton

Stax, Japan
US distributor: Yama's Enterprises, Inc.
206 E. Star of India Lane
Carson, CA 90746-1418
(310) 327-3913