Stax SR-Lambda Pro Classic headphones Specifications

Sidebar 3: Specifications

Description: Electrostatic headphones with SRM-Xh direct-drive amplifier. Open-back design. Transducer principle: electrostatic, push-pull. Frequency response: 8Hz–35kHz (no tolerance specified). Sensitivity: 108dB/1mW input. THD: 0.001% at 95dB. Bias voltage: 580VDC. Inputs (SRM-Xh): 1 pair, analog.
Weight (headset): 15.1oz.
Serial number of sample tested: 33973.
Price :(SR-Lambda Pro Classic headset and SRM-Xh amplifier), $849.95; headset alone costs $474.95 (1994). Approximate number of dealers: 150.
Manufacturer: Stax, Japan. Web: US distributor: Yama's Enterprises, Inc., 206 E. Star of India Lane, Carson, CA 90746-1418. Tel: (310) 327-3913. Fax: (310) 324-7422. Web:

Stax, Japan
US distributor: Yama's Enterprises, Inc.
206 E. Star of India Lane
Carson, CA 90746-1418
(310) 327-3913