Richard Gray's Power Company 400S AC line conditioner Associated Equipment

Sidebar 3: Associated Equipment

Digital source: dCS 972 DDC and Elgar DAC at 24/192, Forsell Air Reference CD transport, Accuphase DP-75V CD player.
Preamplifier: BAT VK-50SE/VK-P10.
Power amplifiers: Forsell Statement, Lamm ML1s.
Loudspeakers: JMlab Utopia.
Cables: Interconnect: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference Active Shielding, AudioQuest Amazon. Speaker: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference, XLO The Limited. Digital datalinks: XLO The Limited AES/EBU. AC cords: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference Master Couplers Squared.
Accessories: ASC Studio Traps; Argent RoomLenses; API Power Wedge Ultra 116, Ultra Enhancers; PolyCrystal amp stand, equipment racks, cones, cable towers; Signal Guard platforms; Black Diamond Racing shelves, cones; Nordost Pulsar Points; Bright Star Air Mass, Big Rock.—Jonathan Scull

Richard Gray's Power Company
Audio Line Source LLP
2727 Prytania Street #6
New Orleans, LA 70130
(800) 880-3474

ishis's picture

With apologies to all the poor slobs who bought the Richard Gray 400s. Scull was right - these things are worthless. In fact everybody I have spoken-to who owns these things don't even know how they work or what they do!!  Absolute stupidity!

No, they aren't filters - not even close!

Yes - they choke the crap out of amplifiers!

No - they don't make a TV look better. A cheap line filter does that better.

Yes, I have tried them....and rejected them.