PranaFidelity's New Dhara Loudspeakers Dance with E.A.R. and Townshend Electronics, Helius and Koetsu Analog, and Silversmith Cabling

I've always enjoyed Steven Norber's loudspeakers, but the pairing of his brand new Dhara (as in continuous flow) 40lb loudspeakers ($TBD) and Purna/Ma amplifier ($8950) with the late Tim de Paravicini's E.A.R. Phono Classic phono preamplifier ($1895 in black or $2395 in chrome) sounded exceptionally fine. Other brands deserve equal credit, but what's most important to know is that on an old Nonesuch LP of Schutz Motets, soundstaging, warmth, and beauty were supreme. The holiness of the experience had everyone sitting in absolute silence. Whoever thought people would be so still on a Saturday afternoon at a show where many rooms were packed with audiophiles?

Pause for Good News Announcement: Several of Tim's designs, completed before his death, will come to market in the months and years ahead. Production is slowed worldwide due to parts shortages, so we need to give it some time.

Back to the sound: An LP from The Haxan Cloak, cued up by Dan Meinwald, evoked images of smoking, desolate 29th century cities in one of a dozen Marvel movies. Percussion was a bit too soft, but when volume was increased, the music grew simultaneously more impactful and amusing. The antidote came in the form of Fiona Apple sounding lovely on an LP of Cy Coleman's music—the gentle notes of the piano were quite special.

Equal credit goes to a Helius Designs Viridia turntable ($7195) with new Phaedra tonearm ($6195)—cartridge was a Koetsu Rosewood Signature ($5495)—the new Townshend Allegri reference preamplifier ($10,000), Silversmith Fidelium prototype interconnects and speaker cables ($1195/8' pair ), and Furutech AC cables ($2100/2m). Oh, and to Dan Meinwald's fabled skills as a DJ.

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In cadence with the 300 to 400% price increase on materials, the price per pair of the Dhara loudspeakers (with stands) is $7450.