Heavenly Soundworks FIVE17 loudspeaker

Lest you think I've left something out of this headline, I haven't. The 24lb Heavenly Soundworks active FIVE17 loudspeaker ($10,000/pair), shown at T.H.E. Show with matching stands ($1000/pair), needs only a computer or other streaming/choice and some cabling to do its thing.

Inside the cabinet are three dedicated class-D amplifiers that utilize NCore technology and drive the 5" woofer with its two 8" high-excursion side-firing passive radiators, 3.5" midrange unit, and 1" soft-dome tweeter. Together, they produce a specified frequency response of 30Hz–20kHz ±1dB. The response may drop to –6dB at 24Hz, but that's still mighty impressive low-frequency extension for a standmount.

The speaker's name derives from its 5" woofer and a Biblical reference, 2nd Corinthians 5:17, which I believe is inscribed on the speaker's rear. (Apologies if I've got that wrong; I was not raised on the New Testament.) The FIVE17 includes three fixed DSP presets. The first preset delivers a pure signal, while the other two, based on an equal volume curve, boost bass frequencies at low volumes (as in the "Loudness" buttons of old). Soon these will be joined by a user-controllable equalizer that will allow for room correction and adjustments based on personal preference.

Although bass was a little soft down low, the speaker's low frequencies went surprisingly deep. The sound was pleasant and smooth, with an unmistakable class-D provenance.

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I didn't get far with them. Every time I tried to touch them, sparks shot out at my fingers. It hurt more than when holy water touches my skin.

Matthew 4:10.

Plus, I had an unfavorable listening location...Matthew 16:23

They sure are cool looking, though!

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... the Kii Audio Three.


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Looks like a competitor for the Kii Audio Three.

I don't see them as competitive or comparable at all but I am judging only on what I read.

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that your judgment is correct, Kal.