Tonian Labs Oriaco G6 Loudspeaker with Denon and Marantz

In this moderately priced system, speaker designer and recording engineer Tony Minasian paired his new Oriaco G6 standmount loudspeaker ($3500/pair with stands) with Denon and Marantz gear. "Most of the sound comes from the full-range driver," he told me. "The tweeter mostly acts like a supertweeter." From what I could tell, its impact is major.

Minasian described his baby as "a BBC design with a twist." That twist involves different damping material and, perhaps, the placement of the rear port.

Minasian is also a recording engineer whose discs have been used by Michael Fremer and others in demos. When I asked if his recordings were available as hi-rez downloads, he told me that he doesn't believe in high resolution, and that 16/44.1 is sufficient.