Voss Steve Keiser Magnum Opus power amplifier & Vitra preamplifier; Graham LS5/8 loudspeakers with Townshend super tweeters, and more

Voss Audio, a southern California-based brand new to me, made an extremely strong show debut with its Voss Steve Keiser Design Magnum Opus stereo power amplifier ($80,000) and Vitra preamplifier ($50,000). The amp’s designer, who died last year, was one of the founders of B&K components. John Voss’s company also manufactures the Vitus phono preamplifier ($45,000). Rather than showing it, he teamed up with Philip O'Hanlon's On A Higher Note (shown above) to use a Revox/SonoruS PR99 open-reel deck to play master tapes through Graham LS5/8 loudspeakers ($14,000/pair) with Townshend super tweeters ($1500/pair). Cabling was all Gryphon.

Audience power conditioning and cables and Artesania racks also contributed to the luscious sound I heard in this room. When DJ O'Hanlon cued up Linda Ronstadt and Nelson Riddle's "What's New," Ronstadt's voice sounded like a heavenly dream. It was the voice that everyone used to praise but I could never fully appreciate, given my slapped-together, used sound systems in the 1960s and '70s. Colors were full, round and beautiful, both on this track and on some at-times sketchily played Beethoven from the Janaki String Trio.

John Voss, who is close to announcing a solid dealer network, told me that his amplifier is an Ultralinear class-A/B MOSFET design offering 150Wpc with an extremely wide bandwidth. I wonder how it or the preamplifier would sound with my Wilson Audio Alexia 2s. Color me extremely interested in hearing more, both from Voss Electronics and Graham loudspeakers.

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I really don’t understand placing a supertweeter on top of a full range speaker like that so close to the tweeter, the results will be difficult to predict
It would make more sense to place it facing to the rear or oblique, or up, rather than forward

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... in 1983.
What system was JVS using at that time?

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Please see my review of the Esoteric preamp in the current print magazine.

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..what was stated in the print article?

Surely a professional reviewer must know what components he has owned in the past?
Can't recall whether it was a Pioneer or Dual turntable? Really?
Or, are you simply reluctant to provide the particulars of that "antiquated home entertainment" system?

Even Ken Kessler is not afraid to divulge the makeup of his first audio system.

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... Graham LS5/8 speakers was "heavenly", then he should try a pair of the Harbeth M40.3 XD speakers powered by a Hegel H590 integrated amp.