The Kennedy Hi-Fi Room: PSB T600, NAD M33, AudioQuest

(All prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

Do your speakers that go low and tight in the bass? Here's a test: Use your system to stream the tracks "Bubbles" by Yosi Horikawa and "Make us Stronger" by Ghost Rider. I heard these two tracks at the Kennedy Hi-Fi room; they were making the rounds at the show, and for good reason: They contain kick-butt bass sections, they’re 3D-spacious, and the music and sound are actually good.

The sound they made coming out of the 200Wpc, class-D NAD Masters Series M33 BluOS streaming DAC integrated amplifier ($6999; see Kal Rubinson's review, here.) and the PSB Synchrony T600 floorstanders ($11,000/pair; see John Atkinson's review in the November issue of Stereophile.) was jaw-dropping, not just in terms of bass, although wow that bass—pummeling, fast, and oh so tight—but of spaciousness, composure, tone, impact, and an overriding sense of musical expressiveness. This relatively inexpensive system was one of my favorites at the show. [Correction:] Wiring by AudioQuest.

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Great price category.

This post should please both _crusher and Nirodha352!

I think we are really seeing the age of Class D blossom.

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I did not expect to hear sound this balsy from a class-D amp, a testament, of course, to the Purifi Eigentakt Class D module's design and implementation.

The NAD M33 and the PSB T600s are a synergistic match.

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Been trying to find a dealer with the T600s on display but they all say they're having a hard time getting a pair. COVID and supply chain problems. I had a pair of the Imagine T3s and they were real giant killers. Regret selling them.


While I appreciate this month's review by John Atkinson, and agree that it makes sense to pair with other audio equipment, I'd love to hear an official take by Stereophile on the NAD M33 and PSB T600 together... and I suspect many other PSB + NAD owners would as well.